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Club Penguin is a virtual world for children in which they use penguin avatars to explore a world full of adventure, games and social learning and development. There is both a free membership for Club Penguin available as well as a paid VIP membership. Each membership has certain positives and negatives, but to get the full experience of the game you will need the paid membership.


Club Penguin always has something new going on in the game and currently has put out some information about new items and fun going on in Club Penguin world. If you are playing Club Penguin you might want to continue reading to learn about some of the new and exciting experiences coming to Club Penguin this week.

Penguin’s Guide to the Wilderness

If you are new to Club Penguin you might have heard a little bit about the Wilderness, which is going to be a very fun expedition. If you are going to be going into the Wilderness there are some things you should know, and we are going to help guide you through your first Wilderness expedition by giving you some tips that you should follow. These tips not only can be used for the Wilderness, but can be used for many parts of Club Penguin, especially when it involves exploring and expedition in areas you have not been to in the past. Of course these are not all of the tips but these are just some of the most important tips we could give you when it comes to the Wilderness in Club Penguin.

Bring Friends– If you are going out to explore the Wilderness you want to always bring friends. If you do not have friends yet in Club Penguin, then you can make friend and recruit new friends. You can get some new friends to go out exploring the Wilderness with through the Pizza Parlor. Remember that through your travels, you should never be traveling alone as it is not as fun and there are plenty of players in Club Penguin that would love to join you.

Wilderness Guide Positions Open Now– There are some job openings for the Puffle Guides and Park Rangers. You will need to make sure you can lead other players through the forest mazes before applying for either of these positions. You also need to know about Puffle Wildlife in order to have a shot at either one of these Wilderness jobs. You can go to the Docks to learn more information and submit your application for these jobs. There might be more jobs opening up in the future as well, so it is a good idea to always keep your eyes open on the Docks. The Docks is the first and only place where job opportunities will be posted and the place where you can submit your application for each job.

Practice Animal Calls- If you are playing Club Penguin and want to get out on the Wilderness adventures, then practice your animal calls. Things like clearing your throat can help you sound like a bear. You never know when an animal call might come in handy so practice and practice with your friends. Also don’t worry if practicing these animal calls makes you sound a little crazy, it is afterall what is going on in nature all of the time.

Form a Tribe- You can practice your caveguin skills and also form a tribe, which is important if you missed Time Trekker 3000. Going into the Wilderness means being prepared for anything and everything and your caveguin skills are essential. It is like in real life where the saying is to travel in groups or at least with one friend. Having a tribe ensures that you will be safe, and it also helps you because what you are not good at doing someone else in the group probably is.

Setup a Perimeter- You want to setup a perimeter if you are an EPF agent, especially in the Wilderness. There is all kinds of creatures roaming around in the Wilderness so always setup your perimeter so that you are safe at all times.

Club Penguin Times Now Twice a Month

Another cool but also kind of bummer update coming to Club Penguin is that the Club Penguin Times will now be coming out twice a month. While you might think this is bad news, it is actually good because that means the Club Penguin Times will be more in-depth and there will be more stories covered in the Club Penguin Times. You will still be able to send in submissions to the Club Penguin Times, including artwork, but it might take a few weeks for your submissions to make it into the Club Penguin Times now.

This also means that Aunt Arctic will be able to get more secrets from the island and will be able to bring you more of the stories you have been dying to know about. There will still be questions answered as well so make sure you still send in your question submissions as well, as it all will still be covered in the Club Penguin Times. This is also good because if you are not around to look at the Club Penguin Times when it comes out, you have an extra week to read it before the new one is released.

These are just some of the newest updates and news stories coming out of Club Penguin this week. Don’t worry if you are not ready to go into the Wilderness yet, you will once you feel more comfortable in the Club Penguin world. Also make sure that you are still reading the Club Penguin Times regularly to keep updated on the latest news and features hitting Club Penguin.

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