Club Penguin News & Updates – October 2016

Club Penguin is a virtual game for children in which they can go around the various islands using a penguin avatar and play games, chat with friends, and learn about new and exciting things. You also can do many other things such as learn about various animals and islands, so it is also educational for children. In Club Penguin, you also are playing in a winter-themed world so that the environment matches the penguin avatars. You can play Club Penguin using either a free membership or a paid membership. The paid membership, which is also known as a VIP membership, gives you more perks and benefits.

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There are always new and fun things to do in Club Penguin, regardless of whether you are playing on the free membership or the paid membership, and that is why Club Penguin is one of the top games and virtual worlds out there for children. Of course, using the paid membership will get you more perks such as in-game currency, more igloos and more clothing and special items. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the fun things that are going on this week in Club Penguin.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Megg Monday– We told you about Megg Monday a week ago, but it ended up being canceled at the last minute and postponed to later in the week. Megg Monday actually happened again in Club Penguin, and Megg announced that the penguin tours would continue for the next few Megg Mondays. Today Megg Monday focused on Halloween themed igloos. There will continue to be other themed Megg Monday igloo events in the future, since Halloween officially kicks off the holiday season. There likely will also be Thanksgiving-themed tours and Christmas-themed touurs in the coming future weeks as well, so keep an eye out for that on Club Penguin as well.

The start times for Megg Monday are in Penguin Standard Time. If you are not sure what the start time is for you then you need to head over to Clock Towers in Snow Forts and you will find out what the correct time is. The start time was at 4pm on the Hockey server and every 5 minutes a new igloo was being visited. The igloos that were visited on the Halloween-themed Megg Monday include Tatoo125, Djspinner13, Dj Stores, Tominso1, Annagal100, and Rosie0228. If you want your igloo included in Megg Monday just simply comment on the Club Penguin website, and remember that you will need to set your igloo to open in order to allow people to come visit.

Penguin of the Week- This week there was a new Penguin of the Week winner, which was Pinkapple806. Pinkapple806 was nominated by Tkibvg because the player said she is kind and sweet and also was the first friend for Tkibvg. Remember Penguin of the Week winners get 10,000 coins as well as a Penguin of the Week background. This is a cool little thank you from Club Penguin for playing the game, and also a cool thing you can show your family and friends. We wanted to say congratulations to Pinkapple806 for winning Penguin of the Week on Club Penguin.

If you have someone on Club Penguin you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week, you can go to Club Penguin and nominate them in the comment section. Everyone who wins Penguin of the Week will get the special items including the coins, and also will get the special shoutout on Club Penguin. You can nominate someone over and over again until they win and someone can Penguin of the Week more than once, so there is no harm in nominating someone more than once or trying to get someone to win more than once.

Megg’s Throwback Thoughts- Did you know that Rockhopper’s ship can be seen in the telescope coming back home? There is also some history in Megg’s Throwback Thursday news because Fluffy was in the first Penguin Style catalog, and it asked “Have You Seen Me?” Well, these days Fluffy has been through the various islands on Club Penguin, and even is in the Lighthouse. The first issue of Club Penguin Times was October 24, 2005, and on October 27, the first entry was put into the island’s newspaper. Happy77 actually wrote the first blog entry in Club Penguin Times. There was even a cowboy craze going on in 2006, and a Dance Club ended up turning into a barn. This Western Party was really fun although it was short-lived, and it has not been back since July 2006.

These are just some of the cool facts coming from Megg in her Club Penguin history lesson. You can go to the website and ask a question about what you would like to know about the history of Club Penguin, and Megg will answer it on another website post.

These are just some of the newest updates and newest things going on Club Penguin. If you would like to know more about what is going on in Club Penguin, you can follow us and also login to Club Penguin. You will find a lot of new things coming to Club Penguin in the very near future, so continue to login to the game so you can check out the new items, clothing, and new games that are making their way onto Club Penguin. Regardless of your free membership or paid membership status, you will love the things that will be coming to Club Penguin in the coming weeks and months.

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