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Club Penguin is one of many games out there online for children. This game is really great because you get to play in a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar. You can chat with friends, play games, go on special missions and quests and do much more. You can choose to play Club Penguin with either a free membership or a VIP membership. The VIP membership gives you more goodies and rewards such as more igloos and more ways to earn the in-game currency.

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We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about what is going on in Club Penguin, with some cool upcoming projects headed out for non-members and members. We also wanted to tell you who the latest Penguin of the Week winner is, and this week it is a little bit of a heartbreaker. If you want to know the latest news from Club Penguin, including some upcoming special projects, read on to learn more.

Latest Club Penguin News & Updates

Penguin of the Week– While usually Penguin of the Week is a happy event, this week it is a little bit different. This week the winner of Penguin of the Week was King89698 and he was nominated by several people on Club Penguin. The reason this is not exactly a happy occasion is that the player King89698 actually passed away in real life recently, so this is an honorary Penguin of the Week win for King.

In the many nominations that went for King this week, players described him as one of the most devoted Club Penguin players of all time. A very kind and happy person King was, always looking to help out other players and had nothing but good things to say about others. King was someone who people knew in the game quite well because he was on so much, and was a part of Club Penguin for a long time. Over 20 people chose to nominate King for Penguin of the Week, mostly to honor the person he was while he was in the game, and to honor the good person who was behind the screen and no longer living on this planet.

We send our condolences to the family of King, a Club Penguin player who seemed like a genuine person inside and out. The character of King will continue on it seems, so the person he chose to take over his account will be getting the Penguin of the Week background plus the 10,000 gold coins. Again, we wanted to say we are very sorry to hear of King’s real life passing.

Island Insider- There is a lot of good news however left in Club Penguin and it starts with Island Insider Episode 2. The newest episode just aired where the staff talks about the upcoming Music Jam Party, which will be going on from November 2 through November 30! Get excited for that great news coming to Club Penguin in the following week.

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Other issues covered in Island Insider Episode 2 include the sneak peak into Megg’s Music Jam Madness, some Sled Racer challenges, and community comments. There will also be another round of the Club Penguin HeadQuarters Tour in this episode. If you have about 6 minutes and you are not doing anything, head over to Club Penguin to check out Island Insider Episode 2 today! If you have not yet watched Episode 1 then I suggest you do that as well since there is a lot of useful information in that plus the first part of the Club Penguin HeadQuarters Tour.

Project Super Secret Updates- There has been a lot of progress on Project Super Secret lately. We thought we would let you know some of the things that staff on Club Penguin have already done for this new upcoming project. There is now an official name along with an updated chat system which will be coming to this project. There is a Pyrotechnic Stage, various adventures to find new treasures, and over 200 collectible items like seaweed and crystals. Along with those completions on the project there is also 120 new daily challenges, 500 voiced dialog lines, over 75 emotes, and 250 animated penguins. There are more than 160 clothing blueprints finished and over 400 crates of confetti, along with 20 different party supplies.

These are just some of the completed aspects of Project Super Secret, and it seems that things are coming along quite well for the Club Penguin Staff. It is expected that there will be a launch date announcement in the coming weeks, so stay tuned because it is getting closer than ever for this project to be released to the Club Penguin Community. No official launch date has been announced as of yet, as there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The above items have all been completed, but you know how that goes, the plans could change in between now and the launch of Project Super Secret. It looks like there might be more updates coming about Project Super Secret in the coming weeks though, especially as we get closer to the holidays.

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We will continue to keep you in the loop on the latest Project Super Secret news, and it seems we will be getting an update again within the next week or two. It seems like everyone is super excited to see what this new project is and to play this new super secret project. We still do not even know where this new project will be going, whether it will be mobile or via the computer, but hopefully we will find out those details and more in an upcoming update in the near future. Again we wanted to send condolences to King on his passing, and if you feel someone is deserving of Penguin of the Week then head over to Club Penguin to leave their name and reason for nomination in the comments section of the latest Penguin of the Week post.

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