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Club Penguin is one of the best games out there for children. In Club Penguin, you have a penguin avatar and you can run around in the winter-themed world. You can play games, visit islands and parts of the world, chat with friends, and go on adventures or special missions. You can play Club Penguin either on a free membership or you can get the paid membership. The paid membership, known as the VIP membership, gives you a lot of perks and cool benefits.


Some of the benefits of the Club Penguin membership include more free currency, more Pet Puffles to keep, more igloos, and more abilities to go on special quests and missions. Regardles of whether or not you have the free membership or the VIP membership, there are a ton of things you can do in the game and islands you can visit. One thing that you can do this time of the year before Christmas is participate in the Coins for Change program. You can participate in the Coins for Change program regardless of membership status and the whole point of this program is to give back to the community.

The Coins for Change program allows users of Club Penguin to donate their coins, and these coins are used to help social causes around the world. Sometimes the Coins for Change program partners with the World Wildlife Foundation, whereas other times the program helps sick children in need or helps build schools in desolate areas. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the news and updates in Club Penguin right now, which includes how to earn coins in order to donate them for Coins for Change.

Club Penguin News & Updates


Coins for Change- Since Coins for Change is all about giving your coins to people in need, we thought we would tell you how you can earn coins in Club Penguin that you can give back to others. If you want to collect coins so you can donate them for Coins for Change, which is the annual event before Christmas time, read on to learn how. The first thing you can do is go out on the Treasure Hunts which are in Rockhopper’s quarters. You will find a lot of change in the Treasure Hunt area of Club Penguin. You also can hit the Plaza bells with snowballs to earn coins, or you can have a food fight at the Beach. You can earn coins by throwing decorations onto the trees in the Forest or go sled racing because it is really cool to do in the winter.

\Whatever you choose to do for Coins for Change, you can earn a lot of coins by participating in cool winter activities such as throwing snowballs at the Plaza bells. You also can earn the coins the regular way by going to the games section and playing some of the games. Even if you do not have a ton of coins to donate for Coins for Change, a little bit can help and go a long way. Together, the community in Club Penguin has been known to raise thousands of dollars every year for some really great causes.

Penguin of the Week- We wanted to tell you the winner of Penguin of the Week this week, which is Fun Blast. Fun Blast was nominated by Comit7 who talked about her being a great friend in real life and a great friend in Club Penguin too. Fun Blast is very nice and funny, as well as understanding and always helpful to other players who ask for help. She is very giving and is always willing to talk to other penguins in Club Penguin and deserved this award. We wanted to say to Fun Blast congratulations because this is one of the best awards to win in Club Penguin.


You can win Penguin of the Week regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or a paid membership. If you win this award you will get a cool Penguin of the Week Background as well as 10,000 gold coins. You can keep the gold coins and spend it in the Club Penguin Store or you can donate them during various times of the year, like now, to charities like Coins for Change. If you know someone that should be Penguin of the Week, you can leave a comment on the page on the Club Penguin website. If the person who you nominated does not win this time, keep nominating them or you can nominate someone else.

Island Insider Episode 4- Island Insider Episode 4 has been released. You will be able to see featured igloos in this episode as well as the January Party Announcements and some sneak peeks. You also will find there are some Community Shoutouts in this episode, such as fan art and there is some cool Card Jitsu involved as well.

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