Club Penguin News & Updates

Club Penguin is a browser-based virtual world for children where they can run around in a winter-themed world using a penguin avatar. This game is designed for younger children up to age 15, although many adults also find themselves having fun in Club Penguin, especially if they are playing with a younger sibling or their children. This is one of the best and safest games for children to play, and you do not have to worry about needing to purchase in-game items in order to be quick and progress in the game.

In Club Penguin you can play games, chat with friends, own virtual pets, explore islands, and solve missions and mysteries. You can play Club Penguin with a free membership or you can get the VIP membership which gives you more perks such as more virtual pets and more locations to explore.

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Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or paid membership to Club Penguin, you will find there is so much to do in the game and you will have tons of fun exploring the islands with your friends. There is always new and exciting things going on in Club Penguin, including the weekly winner of Penguin of the Week. We thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of the cool and fun things coming to Club Penguin this week, and also let you know about the previous Penguin of the Week winners from the last couple weeks.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Frozen Fever Party 2016: Rockhopper Meet-Up Times- In Club Penguin there are always parties and player meetups that you can get involved in. This time around, Cap’n Rockhopper is going to be coming to Club Penguin and talking about life on the sea. If you are playing Club Penguin as a free member or a paid member, you will have the chance to meet up with Cap’n Rockhopper and see what this sea-loving creature is up to and how it might impact your time on Club Penguin. As with all meetups and parties, the times are in Penguin Standard Time, and if you are not sure what time that is then you can head to Clock Tower to find out the time.

You will need to also remember that sometimes with these parties and meetups that there might only be one part of them. This means that if you miss or can’t make it to the Frozen Fever Party 2016 in the days we are going to talk about below, you might miss out on this event all together as it might only come around once. Even if you cannot stay very long at the meetup, it is always a good idea to swing by and check in on the server specified because a lot of cool things go on during these, such as item and coin giveaways and much more!

On Friday August 19, you will find Cap’n Rockhopper on the Chinook server at 10 am. On August 21, Cap’n Rockhopper will be at the Wool Socks server at 3 pm. On August 24 he will be on the Cloudy server at 10 am and on August 27 he will be at the Rainbow server around 3 pm. The following week, on August 30, Cap’n Rockhopper will be on the Cozy server at 10 am and on September 2 he will be on the Sherbet server at 3 pm. Lastly, Cap’n Rockhopper will be at the Crystal server at 10 am on September 5, which is the last day for the meetup with Cap’n Rockhopper.

Penguin of the Week Awards

We wanted to send out a congratulations to Libbyxx1, who won Penguin of the Week for this past week. This player was nominated by Toulula who is the friend of Libbyxxl both in the game and in real life. In the nomination, Toulula said that she is always someone wanting to have a good time, is a very nice person, great to talk to, fun to be around and is also someone who stays away from drama. So congratulations to Libbyxxl on winning Penguin of the Week. For winning this cool award you get a Penguin of the Week background that you get to keep forever, and you also get 10,000 coins.

The previous week Lhasapinky was nominated and won Penguin of the Week, and this nomination came from Green N Cool. Green N Cool said that Lhasapinky often puts a lot of effort and time into helping other players online, including spending a lot of time role playing with other players. Role playing is actually a huge part of Club Penguin, so it is nice to see a player who really gets into the role playing and has so much fun doing so and helping others get into the role playing spirit as well. In the nomination, Green N Cool said that Lhasapinky is very fun and friendly, always trying to put a smile on the face of players in Club Penguin. We wanted to say congratulations to Lhasapinky on winning Penguin of the Week, and the player will also get a Penguin of the Week background plus the 10,000 coins.

Megg Monday

Megg Monday- While we don’t have much to talk about with Megg Monday as of right now, it was announced the next Megg Monday will be on August 29. You can head over to Club Penguin and type in what theme you want to see for the upcoming Megg Monday, and yours might get chosen if enough people are wanting that theme for the August 29 Megg Monday. The past Megg Monday was Olympic themed and everyone had a blast with this theme and party. Whether you have a paid membership to Club Penguin or you play on the free membership, you can stop by and comment on what theme you want for Megg Monday and you are always welcome to participate in the Megg Monday events. No one is excluded from having a good time when it comes to Megg Monday and the events that happen throughout the day as a result.

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