Club Penguin News & Updates

If you are looking for a cool virtual world for children, you might consider Club Penguin. Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game where children use penguin avatars to play and learn in a winter-themed virtual world. There are many different things you can do in Club Penguin such as play games, chat with friends, travel the various islands, collect virtual pets and much more! You can play Club Penguin either using a free membership or you can become a VIP member by getting the paid membership.

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The paid membership of Club Penguin always has more perks than the free membership, but either way you will be able to do most of the things in the game, including earning virtual currency and completing missions and activities. Parents love Club Penguin too because there are so many cool activities and it is also educational since there is some history lessons weaved into the missions and adventures. There are always new and exciting things going on in Club Penguin, so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the new things going on in Club Penguin. The more you know about Club Penguin and the more you are involved in the Club Penguin community, regardless of if you have a free membership or VIP membership, the better it is for you.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Megg Monday– Did you know most people are already going back to school? Megg hopes that you are doing well in school and are enjoying all of the classes you are in this year! Today is Megg Monday which means there is a Monday meet-up happening today. For the Megg Monday Meet-Up there will be an igloo tour going on and the first igloo being toured will be the one Megg lives in. From that igloo there will be four more igloos that will be toured on this marvelous Monday adventure. This is one of the many fun and exciting things that can happen on Megg Monday. If you want to join this adventure or other cool adventures then be sure to login to Club Penguin on Mondays because every Monday there is something going on and a tour or adventure will be waiting for you. Usually Megg Monday starts around lunchtime and continues for about an hour, so make sure you login if you want to be part of this adventure because it only happens for a short period of time on Mondays.

The igloo tour will begin at 9:30 am Penguin Standard Time. If you are not sure what Penguin Standard Time is for you then you can head over to Clock Tower in the Snow Forts to see the time in Club Penguin. The server is the Hockey Server that you need to be on. The first igloo is Megg’s and from there you will visit Featured Igloo 1, Featured Igloo 2, Featured Igloo 3 and then Featured Igloo 4. You will spend about 5 minutes looking at each igloo so hopefully that is enough time for you to get to see everything the igloo has to offer. You can have your igloo featured on an upcoming tour just by commenting on the Club Penguin website, and mention how you have decorated your igloo to possibly be one of the lucky ones who gets to show off their place. There will be another meet-up next week as well, so you will still have some time to be chosen to be one of the featured igloos for the tours.

Rockhopper Meet-Up Part 2- There is another Frozen Fever Party 2016: Rockhopper Meet-Up going on this week. If you want to know when you can meet the Captain who loves cheese, then look for him at the Northern Lights at 3 pm on Wednesday September 14. He will be on the Frosty server on September 17 at 10 am. On September 20, he will be on the Mittens sever at 3 pm, on September 23 he will be on the Jack Frost server at 10 am. Lastly, you can catch him on the Mammoth server at 3 pm on Monday September 26. These will likely be the last times you can catch him on the servers for a while, as usually there are only two meet-ups. You might see him out and about in Club Penguin though so you never know, but if you would like to talk to him these meet-ups are the best chance.

Spike Hike- Spike Hike sent out a message saying he will be leaving Disney and is moving onto another adventure. He said that those players and people in Club Penguin are truly a joy to be around and he is glad he has gotten to know so many people in the Club Penguin community. Spike Hike even commented that all three of his children have grown up with Club Penguin and those in the community. He wanted to send a special thank you to everyone for being hard working and very creative when it came to Club Penguin and the community as a whole. He also said that Project: Super Secret is looking really cool and fun and he cannot wait until the project is completed so everyone in the community can see what all the hype is about.

Everyone in the community has been really excited for this super secret project and is anxiously awaiting it to be finished so it can be put out to the community and players. He sends his best wishes to everyone knowing they are all in good hands with the staff and players in the Club Penguin community. We just wanted to send out a special thank you to Spike Hike for all of his hard work and dedication to Club Penguin and making sure everything ran smoothly for players. We also send a heartfelt good luck out there to him because he will be going on new adventures away from Disney which is always fun, new and exciting.

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