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Club Penguin is a virtual world for children where they can hop online and chat with friends, play games, and travel the various islands in the winter-themed virtual world. While this game is aimed for smaller children through middle-school-age, there are many children of all ages who have fun enjoying the quests, missions and games you can find on Club Penguin. You can choose to play Club Penguin using either a free membership or a paid membership, with the VIP membership giving you more access to perks such as access to islands, accessories, dens, penguins, and Puffles.

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There are many cool things to do on Club Penguin and many cool features of the game as well, which are available to the free membership players as well as the paid membership players. One of the coolest things on Club Penguin is the ability to nominate a player for Penguin of the Week. The person who is nominated for Penguin of the Week has demonstrated outstanding skills in terms of being a team player, being nice and friendly, being helpful, and also just being a fun person to interact with on Club Penguin. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you who the latest Penguin of the Week winner is and also tell you some of the other news and updates going on in Club Penguin. Penguin of the Week has been a weekly award for some time now, and it is a great way to generate buzz for players who have been outstanding in the community and who have gone above and beyond the call to be of service to others, which includes being nice and helpful.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Penguin of the Week- This week we wanted to say congratulations to Shy One2, who was nominated by several players on Club Penguin for the Penguin of the Week Award. Shy One2 was nominated by Motos Gran, Kat Here1, Blueicebear1, Lily Beetle, Cheese Fish3, Only Kat, and Nana7533. Shy One2 really generated a lot of buzz for the Penguin of the Week award with players talking about how happy and kind she is when it comes to playing with others and interacting with people in the game. Other players said that Shy One2 is welcoming and supports everyone in the community, basically being on the game every day at least for a while.

Not only is Shy One2 a very fun person in Club Penguin, but her style is almost unmatched and many players commented on how her outfits are fun and cute, and also trendy, stylish and creative. While Shy One2 seems by her username to be shy, that apparently is not the case, with everyone saying how cool she is and how she quickly will help players out in the game, and she is always generating a positive vibe no matter the situation.

We wanted to say congratulations to Shy One2 for winning Penguin of the Week, as it seems she really deserved this award. Shy One2 will get a Penguin of the Week background and also 10,000 coins. The 10,000 coins and Penguin of the Week background are there for everyone who wins this cool award, and if you feel someone in the game deserves this shout out, you can leave your recommendation in the comments section of Club Penguin. If the person you want to win has not won yet, feel free to keep nominating them and hopefully one day they too will get their dues in Club Penguin, and you can nominate anyone regardless of whether they have a free membership or paid membership to the game.

Music Jam Items- If you have thought about having a Penguin Band, do you know what you would wear? There is a chance that music-themed items might be coming soon to Club Penguin, so would you wear headphones or some passes around your neck? Whether it be from previous music jams or new ones, head over to Club Penguin and give your thoughts because there might be some cool swag coming to Club Peguin soon and your input is needed.

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