Club Penguin News & Updates

Club Penguin is such a fun game for children where they can use a penguin avatar to explore a winter-themed world. You can use a free membership to play Club Penguin or you can get the VIP membership to Club Penguin to enjoy the game more. You can play games, chat with other players and do many missions and quests in this game. There are many new things going on in Club Penguin and every week news comes out about the newest winner of Penguin of the Week.


We wanted to tell you about which player has been named Penguin of the Week for this week and we also wanted to tell you about some other cool news and activities going on in the game this week. Remember, there is always something new and exciting going on in Club Penguin so it is important to keep an eye on the news and the Club Penguin Times to learn about some exciting and fun things going on in the game. Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, you can become Penguin of the Week, but you need to be nominated by another player in order to potentially get this cool award.

Club Penguin News & Updates

Penguin of the Week- Daisydoo14 has been named Penguin of the Week for this week and this player was nominated by Miamidade. Miamidade said that Daisydoo14 is loyal, sweet, funny and also very honest. Daisydoo14 is a great member of Club Penguin and Miamidade felt that Daisydoo14 should get this honor due to how awesome the player is. Every penguin who wins Penguin of the Week will get a Penguin of the Week Background and also 10,000 coins. There is a new Penguin of the Week every week so make sure to nominate a player you think deserves the award. Even if the person does not win this week or next week, keep sending in the nominations because eventually the person you want to recognize will win and it is a great way to promote community among Club Penguin players.

Megg Monday– Megg Monday has been postponed until Tuesday July 5. It might make you sad that this has been postponed but it is only one day, and this is good since July 4th is a holiday and people will be busy watching the fireworks anyways. There will also be some musical mayhem coming as well! There will be a meetup where you can audition to be in the band, whether you have a paid membership or free membership.

If you would like to be in the band you can head to the auditions which will be held in the Lighthouse at 11 am PST on the Hockey Server. This will also be on July 5 so get ready! If you would like to be a part of the band, you will have to have facial hair, with a mustache of your own choice being the most preferred type of facial hair. If you do not make the auditions do not worry because there will be a lot of other fun things coming in the near future and you can take part in that.

Herbert’s Big Fails

We also thought now would be a good time to tell you about some of Herbert’s biggest fails in Club Penguin. If you have been around Club Penguin long enough you know that Herbert can sometimes be a little bit of a funny penguin and is always getting into trouble or into something. If you have ever done any missions in Club Penguin then you know just how much Herbert loves trying to destroy your plans, but did you know he sometimes messes up his own plans? If you want to hear about some of Herbert’s biggest fails continue reading to learn about them and laugh at some of these disasters.

Stolen Hot Sauce- Herbert actually stole the hot sauce from the island, but he managed to mess it up by building a “Flood” switch at the underwater base. This led to a complete disaster for Herbert and is one of his biggest fails ever.

Herbot- Herbert invented the Herbot but this was more like Herbert himself instead of a Robot. This was supposed to be a robot version of Herbert, hence the name Herbot, but of course nothing goes as planned when it comes to Herbert and his plans. The funny part about Herbert and the Herbot was that Herbot betrayed Herbert in just a few seconds after being turned on! That is the funniest part about this mess was that Herbot was just too much like Herbert and that did not end well for Herbert.

Club Herbert- When we thought Herbert had won and took over Club Penguin, we could not imagine it ending how it did. Herbert heated the island with a laser and even captured the EPF leaders, but then Herbert had not a lot else to do, or so we thought. The fail was that there was a lone agent who snuck into Herbert’s fortress and then ended up freeing the EPFs, and even took out the laser. This was great because all Herbert had to do was stop this lone agent from getting into his fortress, but he could not, and this was probably the best thing ever since one agent messed up Herbert after all his hard work.

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