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Club Penguin is a virtual world for children where they can go online and interact with other players from across the world. Club Penguin is set in a winter-themed world and you use penguin avatars during your gameplay. This is a massively multiplayer online game that was developed by Disney, so it is perfect for children of all ages. Even adults have fun in Club Penguin because it is cute and there is so much to do. In Club Penguin, you can chat with friends, play games, explore islands, learn about cool and interesting things and also earn in-game currency.

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You can play Club Penguin on a free membership or you can play with a VIP membership. The VIP membership gives you more perks in Club Penguin such as more igloos, more Puffles, and even more islands you can explore. You do not have to get the Club Penguin paid membership however to enjoy most of the things in Club Penguin. That is the best part about Club Penguin which is that virtually everything in the game is available regardless of your membership status, just the paid members get more items and exclusive access to upcoming events.

There are always fun and new things going on in Club Penguin. Club Penguin staff is always great at letting you know some of the newest and coolest things coming to Club Penguin. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the latest news and updates coming from Club Penguin. Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, it is always a good idea to keep track of the new things coming to the game, since there are parties and meet-ups routinely scheduled in the game. Here is just the latest news and updates coming out of Club Penguin this week.

Club Penguin News & Updates

October Schedule- There is a lot going on in Club Penguin in the month of October. Even though some of these events have already passed, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a run down of everything going on in Club Penguin this month. On October 5, Island Insider Episode 1 will become available. This was known previously as Waddle on Wednesday. On October 19 the Club Penguin Times will be released and it will be #559. There will also be a pin hidden this day as well. The 2016 Yearbook will also be coming out on October 19 too, so keep an eye out for that. On October 24, Island Insider Episode 2 will be available for you. There will also be a celebration for the CP Reunion Anniversary on this date as well. On October 26, there will be an update on Project: Super Secret. Lastly, we cannot forget Halloween which will be on October 31, so make sure you have your costume ready! There likely will be a little get together as well to celebrate Halloween, along with some cool contests and games. Keep your eyes open in Club Penguin the week of Halloween because there are sure to be some cool events and activities available for all Club Penguin players to enjoy.

Penguin of the Week- We also thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the newest Penguin of the Week Winner. Due to it being a holiday in Canada, there will be no Penguin of the Week this coming week. The winner from last week was DJSpinner13, who was nominated by Iceythecool. Iceythecool said that DJSpinner13 was a very thoughtful person who is nice and kind to everyone. He is very good at spinning the music during all of the meet-ups, and it would be nice if he got some recognition for all of the work he does in the Club Penguin community. We wanted to say congratulations to DJSpinner13. All Penguin of the Week winners will get 10,000 gold coins along with a Penguin of the Week background that they can show off to friends and family.

If you would like to nominate someone for Penguin of the Week, it is really easy to do. Just head to Club Penguin and leave your note in the comments section if the latest Penguin of the Week post. You can nominate anyone you want, regardless of whether or not they have a free membership or a paid membership to the game. You also can nominate more than one person or you can keep nominating the same person if you think they deserve to win the award but have not yet been named a winner. Keep being nice to people in Club Penguin and someone might nominate you as a Penguin of the Week possible winner as well. If you have yet to see someone you would like to see win the Penguin of the Week award, do not wait for someone else to put the name down, go ahead and put the name in yourself and maybe they will be one of the lucky winners!

These are just some of the biggest events and updates that we know of in Club Penguin right now. Club Penguin staff, incluing Megg is always giving more information and putting up activities on the boards. When we find out more information about Halloween parties and events we will be sure to let you know. It is also a good idea to head on over and check out the Club Penguin Island Insider Episode 1, which is now available on the Club Penguin website. If you like what you see, you should leave a comment and let them know. The staff also likes it when you write comments about things you would like to see come to either the Island Insider series or the game in general. That is one of the best things about Club Penguin is that they are good at keeping players informed on what is going on in the game, and what will be coming up that month in the game. We will have more information on upcoming events and activities in Club Penguin in a later post.

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