Club Penguin: Newest Updates & News

Club Penguin is a winter-themed game for children where they can go online and use their penguin avatar to explore islands, chat with friends, and play games. You can play Club Penguin on a free membership or you can get the VIP membership in order to get access to more islands and features of the game. Whether you have a free membership or paid membership, you want to know what is going on in the game because there are always new and exciting adventures awaiting players in Club Penguin.

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Every couple weeks news and updates come out on Club Penguin, which is exciting because this is when you can find out all of the new things coming to Club Penguin as well as find out who the winner of Penguin of the Week is. We thought it would be a good idea to update you on the world of Club Penguin, including some of the new events that the game has in store, as well as Penguin of the Week and the Finding Dory Party Part 2. Continue reading to learn more about the news and updates coming out of Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Updates & News

Finding Dory Party: Rookie Meet-Up Times (Part 2)- The Finding Dory Party is back! This is part two of the best party going on in Club Penguin. The cool, goofy and brillant scientist of Club Penguin has already begun visiting the islands, which you might have known about already. If you want a change to meet Rookie then you will need to be around at the following locations and times in Club Penguin. Remember that all of these times are in PST, which is Penguin Standard Time.

On Tuesday August 2, Rookie will be on the Mammoth server at 3 pm. On August 4, you can find Rookie on the Iceland server at 10 am. Rookie will be on the Chinook server at 3 pm on August 6, and August 8 on the Wool Socks server at 10 am. On August 10, Rookie will be at the Cloudy server around 3 pm, and August 12, Rookie will be on the Rainbow server at 10 am. Finally, on August 14, Rookie will be on the Cozy server at 3 pm and on August 16, Rookie will be on the Sherbet server at 10 am. If you are not sure what time this is where you live, you can head to the Clock Tower in Snow Forts to see the time in Club Penguin world.

Penguin of the Week

This week, McKeala was nominated as Penguin of the Week by both Toonie2012 and Alyss112. McKeala is said to be both nice and kind, as well as having an amazing look and style! Every week there is a new Penguin of the Week and the winner will get 10,000 coins along with a Penguin of the Week background. You can nominate your friend or a player you think deserves the award by going to the Club Penguin website and entering it into the comments of the latest Penguin of the Week post!

Don’t worry if the person you nominated does not get the award right away, as there are always many entries for Penguin of the Week. If you think someone really deserves to be Penguin of the Week, then nominate them as many times as you want, and get your friends to nominate them too so they have a better chance at winning. You can win Penguin of the Week more than once, so don’t worry if you have already gotten this cool award in the past, although staff does try to go around and pick players who have not won before so that new outstanding players can be awarded and recognized. You will get to keep the Penguin of the Week background for as long as you play the game, and the 10,000 coins are yours to keep or spend on anything you want in Club Penguin. You can nominate and win Penguin of the Week whether you are playing on a free membership or a paid membership to Club Penguin.

Disney Mix

You might remember that players in both Australia and New Zealand were recently asked to help Club Penguin Staff test out Disney Mix. The players who were chosen to test Disney Mix gave a lot of feedback and you would be happy to know that their feedback is now being incorporated into the new game! It was just announced that Disney Mix will be coming to even more countries in the very near future, which is very exciting if you are waiting to see what is in store for you. There will be a lot of cool things coming to the Disney Mix app, including a celebratory cake, and new Club Penguin sticker!

The Disney Mix lauch is coming soon and you can check out the Club Penguin blog to learn more about Disney Mix and the coming launch of the game. If you have an Android device, you can pre-register for the app as well, but only in select countries. This means you will get a notification as soon as the game is available for you to download in your country! So make sure you pre-register today if you have an Android device so you can be the first Club Penguin player to download and play the new Disney Mix app!

It is not known yet if or when this will be out on iOS, but stay tuned as there is still much work to be done before Disney Mix is officially launched.

As with everything in Club Penguin, make sure you ask your parents for permission before you sign up and pre-register for the Disney Mix app, and make sure your parents approve of you playing the game before you do indeed play the game. It is always a good idea to have parental approval before you download any apps to your mobile device just so they know what you are doing and are okay with the content of the app, which in this case is very kid-friendly!

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