Club Penguin March News & Updates

Club Penguin is one of the best games and virtual worlds out there for children. In Club Penguin, you run around a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar. You can chat with friends and other people playing the game, as well as play games, and even learn about the environment. Club Penguin is a game that will be closing on March 29, 2017. The game is closing on the PC but there is a new mobile game about ready to launch.

The new mobile game for Club Penguin will be called Club Penguin Island. You will be able to play that the same way you do Club Penguin. The game is still in beta testing right now. Did you know that you can play Club Penguin on a free membership or the paid membership? The paid membership gives you extra benefits like more ways to earn free in-game currency and the ability to adopt more Pet Puffles.

Regardless of whether you have a free membership to Club Penguin or a VIP membership to Club Penguin, you should want to know what all is going on in the game.  We thought we would tell you the latest news and updates for Club Penguin. As we near the closing of Club Penguin for the PC, it is still important to login to the game because a lot of cool activities are going on. Here is the latest news we have to offer you about what is going on in the game as the window to login and explore the islands are coming to a close.

Club Penguin Updates & News

Penguin of the Week– We thought we would kick off the news and updates in Club Penguin by giving you the latest winners of Penguin of the Week. Each winner of the Penguin of the Week award will get a cool Penguin of the Week background and 10,000 gold coins.

The first winner we wanted to tell you about is Mishygladys7, and this user was nominated by Mayrose05. We wanted to say congratulations to Mishygladys7 because it is always cool to be nominated by someone who sees the good you are doing in Club Penguin. The nomination says that she is smart, funny, and has been playing the game for over four years. It is always hard to see people who have been playing this game forever not get recognition, so it is good that this long-term Club Penguin player is finally Penguin of the Week.

The second Penguin of the Week winner we wanted to tell you about, which was last week’s winner, was Mshellokitty. Mshellokitty was nominated by Xxxr2d2xxx. This user, who is female, is always very nice and is one of the best at hosting parties on Club Penguin. The person who nominated her also knows her in real life and says she is just as nice and cool in real life as in the game. She is also very funny, which is always a good trait to have both in real life and in Club Penguin. We wanted to say congratulations to Mshellokitty for winning Penguin of the Week for the first week of March.

Lastly, we wanted to say congratulations to Darkrai621 who also got Penguin of the Week for the end of February 2017. This user was nominated by Lexi3195. Lexi said that he is always there for everyone in Club Penguin and is so nice to people. He is a very supportive member of the Club Penguin community and is very encouraging to other Club Penguin users. He is also someone who will stick up for people in the game, whether someone is bullying you or being rude, he will come to your defense if he knows it is going on. There needs to be more people like him in Club Penguin and in other online games. We wanted to say congratulations to him for being recognized for being such a good person.

Club Penguin Island Pre-Registration on Google Play– Speaking of Club Penguin Island, did you know that pre-registration is finally open on Google Play? You can head over to Google Play right now if you own an Android device, and sign up to be notified when Club Penguin Island releases for your region. The worldwide release is coming up very soon, and people are getting pretty excited. We have been waiting a long time for the pre-registration on Google Play Store to become available, and now it is finally here. Right now, we do not have any information on when Club Penguin Island will be released. We do know that the release dates and times will likely depend on the region you are in. That is why it is important to sign up for the notification because it might be live for your area before it becomes live for someone else, and you might not know about it right away without pre-registering on Google Play.

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