Club Penguin Ice Fishing Game Guide & Tips

Club Penguin is one of the best browser-based games out there for children. In this game, you use a penguin avatar to run around a winter-themed world. You can play games, chat with friends, learn about the environment and other social issues, and you can decorate your igloo.

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You can play Club Penguin either on a free membership or a VIP membership, and you can play as long as you want on the free membership without any limitations. The VIP membership requires you to pay with real money, but gives you access to more adventures and fun. You also get more access to in-game currency and can have more igloos if you are a VIP member. Regardless of your membership status however, you can choose to play many different games which all reward you with currency you can use in the shop.

One of the best games in Club Penguin is Ice Fishing, and it is a really cool game to play if you want to collect some currency fast. In Club Penguin the currency used most often are coins, and each game gives you a certain amount of coins. It is always better to do the games you are comfortable with if they are quick and easy, even if the pay is not that good because it will be simple. Here is all you need to know about the Ice Fishing game in Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Ice Fishing Game Guide

Goal- The goal of the Ice Fishing game is to try to catch as many fish as you can. Each fish is worth a certain amount of coins with some fish being worth way more coins than others. It can be difficult though because there are objects that will interfere with your ability to catch the fish.

Location- When you load up Club Penguin you will need to head to Ski Village. The Ice Fishing game will be in Ski Lodge, and all you need to do is click the door to start the game. Ski Village is a central part in Club Penguin and many games are at this area so you will be hearing about this area a lot when it comes to the cool place to be and hang out with other players.

How to Play– The fishing hook in Ice Fishing is controlled only by the mouse. After you catch a fish you can bring it up and then click the mouse to get the fish into your bucket. You earn 4 coins by getting a yellow fish. Grey fish are worth 8 coins and the Mullet fish gives you 100 coins. You can earn an extra life by getting a worm. Even if you do not think you need a worm it is always good to grab it up if you see it because you eventually will need the extra life. You always want to avoid the sharks, floating objects, crabs, and jelly fish because these items will kill you and take a life from you.

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Catching Big Mullet– There is a big mullet fish at the end of the game and you need to get a yellow fish on your hook in order to catch this fish. You will not be able to catch this fish just with the normal bait. You need to keep the yellow fish on your line for long enough that the Mullet fish will come up. When you see the shadow of the Mullet fish then is when you know you need to save the yellow fish. Remember these are worth 100 coins each so make sure you try to catch as many of these as you can!

Catch Grey Fish- You need to purchase the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod which is in the game upgrades catalog. You will need to head to Ski Lodge in order to view the catalog. Once you get this item you need to wear it before you even load up the Ice Fishing game or else you will not be able to catch the grey fish. These fishes are very quick so you will need to aim your hooks in the correct locations in order to catch it. You might have to try a few times on getting the location of your hooks correctly before you can actually catch the grey fish.

These are just some of the most common tips that we can give you for the Ice Fishing game in Club Penguin. It might take some practice for you to be able to get through the first few levels of the game without dying. The hardest part of this game is avoiding the objects that get in the way of you picking up the fish. If you play this game often enough though and get enough of the Mullet fish you will be earning a lot of coins without really having to work to hard at trying.

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