Club Penguin: How The Game Can Help Your Child Learn

Club Penguin is an online virtual game world for children where they can create a penguin avatar and have fun in a winter-themed virtual world. You can play Club Penguin either on a free membership or a paid membership, with the club penguin paid membership giving you more features and access to the islands to explore.

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A lot of parents though wonder about their children playing online games, and whether or not these games are educational in any capacity. Well, good news is that Club Penguin is definitely an online game where there is learning and education going on. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about Club Penguin and how this online virtual game can help your children learn and become individual people, which can make you feel more at ease when they want to sign up and create an account for the game.

Ways Club Penguin Promotes Learning & Education

Responsibility– One of the biggest components to Club Penguin are the pets that children get in the game. These pets require attention, love, food and care, just like a real pet. This takes up time and energy and promots responsibility. Children will have to learn how to take care of an animal in order to keep it healthy and happy. If you have a younger child then this is a good way to teach them about raising animals and why it’s hard to have a lot of animals since they all require the same love, food and energy.

Hard Work– While you might consider hard work responsibility, it really has to be by itself because hard work in Club Penguin comes from actual work. Children will often take jobs in the game, such as going into the Pizza Parlor to work for some currency. In Club Penguin, children learn about hard work and about how long it takes to make a little bit of money in order to purchase items they want in the game. Children will have to learn about working hard on their igloos as well because it takes time, money and energy to get your home looking nice and just how you want it.

Money Management- We just talked a little about this but Club Penguin really helps children learn about money and managing their money. In the games, you can earn coins, which you can use to purchase various items in the Club Penguin online store. Working also earns you money in this game and it is important to learn the value of a coin. Children will learn how to utilize money management in order to save up their hard earned money and get items they want. If children spend their coins as soon as they get them, then they quickly learn that you can’t do that if you want special or more rare items.

Socializing With Others- Some children, especially if they are an only child, do not really know how to socialize with other children. In Club Penguin, there is a lot of socialization, such as chatting with friends and other players in the game. Your child will quickly learn how to talk to other people, even if they are shy, and things like snowball battles help promote socialization and friendship. If you have a child who is a little socially awkward then Club Penguin can help them learn ice breaking skills and ways they can make friends in real life by practicing in the game.

Being Creative– Club Penguin is all about helping children learn how to be creative and enhancing their creativity. In this game you can dress up your penguin, furnish and style your igloo and so much more. You will have a lot of ways to personalize the game based on your own personality, and this promote creativity and imagination.

Fine-Tune Motor Skills- Whether you have a free membership or VIP membership in Club Penguin, you will be able to play over 20 games. These games will help children fine-tune their motor skills because there is a lot of hand-eye coordination and typing involved in these games. If your child is younger then this is a good way to help them learn how to increase their motor skills without it seeming like they are working or sitting down trying to concentrate on that task.

Teamwork Opportunities- In Club Penguin, there are many opportunities to promote teamwork among the players. There are a lot of mysteries and problem-solving that happen in Club Penguin and players have to often times work together in order to complete a task. There are dinosaur eggs hidden in the game and many mazes as well, which players will have to work together in order to find and complete. These puzzles and various teambuilding activities help players learn how to work together in order to achieve a goal. If you have an only child this is a perfect way to introduce them into the phrase “There is no I in team” and teach them the value of being part of a group in order to solve a problem.

Global Citizenship- In Club Penguin, there is a huge focus on global awareness and citizenship. Children will learn about giving back through various programs like Coins for Change. Coins for Change is where the players donate their coins earned in Club Penguin in order to help others in need, such as donating to help build schools and playgrounds around the world. Coins for Change also promotes helping the environment and in the game your child will learn about protecting endangered animals and their homes. Coins for Change also promotes health because by giving change during the program, the money goes to helping children who are sick and need medical care and helps provide medical training for people all over the world. Coins for Change is just one of the many programs and ways that Club Penguin promotes being a global citizen. It all teaches children that just one person can really make a difference, but working together towards a common goal will make an even bigger difference in the lives of others.

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