Club Penguin: History & Importance of the Iceberg

Club Penguin is a virtual online world for children where they create a penguin avatar and play games in a winter-themed virtual world. You can play Club Penguin with a free membership or you can purchase the VIP membership which gives you more perks, exclusives, and benefits. There are many features and things to do in Club Penguin including chatting with friends, playing games, exploring the islands, and going on missions.

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If you are new to Club Penguin, you might be wondering about various features and parts of the game. Since this is a winter-themed virtual world, one of the items you will run into throughout your time playing the game are icebergs. We thought it would be a good idea to let you know the importance and also the history of the icebergs in Club Penguin. Whether you are using a free membership or paid membership to Club Penguin, you will see many icebergs in the game, and here is everything you should know about the icebergs.

Club Penguin: Guide & History of Icebergs

Basics- If you are not sure what an iceberg is then we are going to give you the basic description for it on Club Penguin. Icebergs are nothing more than large floating chunks of ice. You will find icebergs in and around the northeast coast of Club Penguin Island. You cannot access the icebergs by foot because the icebergs are all in the sea. If you would like to reach the icebergs you will need an EPF Phone and the Map. The Iceberg in Club Penguin is surrounded by water and that is also where you will find the Aqua Grabber 3000. The Aqua Grabber 3000 is the item used by the penguins to get the treasures found on the seafloor, and it is how you travel underwater.

General Functions & Use of Icebergs

  • You will find that during Holiday Parties, the Christmas tree is located on the iceberg. The tree will grow if there are enough penguins in the area.
  • Pink Puffles are found on the iceberg during the Puffle Parties. Pink Puffles will be on the icebergs using various sports equipment. If you are at a Puffle Party, the iceberg is the only location where you will find the Pink Puffles so keep that in mind at all times.
  • There is a stage by the iceberg during Music Jams, and the Penguin Band will play on the iceberg every 30 minutes.
  • If you are playing Club Penguin when there is a Fair going on in the game, the iceberg will become a large ball pit for everyone to play in.
  • The iceberg will become a huge pumpkin during the Halloween Parties. If your penguin dances with a hard hat on then it will quickly turn the huge pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. The Aurora Australis can also be seen from the iceberg during the Halloween Party.
  • Whether you have a free membership or paid membership to Club Penguin, you will also be able to see fireworks from the iceberg. Fireworks happen in Club Penguin during various holidays and occasions and head to the iceberg to see the show!

Iceberg Trivia

Not Connected- The iceberg is the only regular type of room within Club Penguin that is not connected to the main island in the game.

Descendants Party- The iceberg is accessible from the Mine Shack during the Descendants Party. There is a path that you can go during this party and that is how you can get to the iceberg.

The Map- If you look at the map, it will tell you the highest point of the iceberg, which is always pointing North. If you are actually on the iceberg the highest point is West, which is going South of the mainland on Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Iceberg History Facts

2007- In 2007, various snow sculptures were on the iceberg during the Festival of Snow Party. A volleyball net, palm trees and surfboards were on the iceberg during the Summer Kickoff Party. Cardboard boxes littered the iceberg during the 2007 April Fools’ Party, with some being in the water as well for even more of a laugh. A mega whale was docked near the iceberg during the 2007 Water Party.

2009- If you were on the iceberg during the St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Party, you could see a rainbow from Ski Hill. The iceberg featured palm trees and shipwreck ruins during the Adventure Party, and you could also see a whale out in the distance. If you attended the 2009 Festival of Flight, you could see the island floating in the air from the iceberg.

2011- In 2011 there was an Island Adventure Party, and the iceberg was decorated with various items including a Giant Squid. There were also buckets of Fluffies that were used to feed this Giant Squid.

2012– There was a Marvel Super Hero Takeover in 2012 in which the iceberg featured a small model of Club Penguin Island. If you walked on the buildings you could squash them which was pretty cool. There was also Operation Blackout and at a certain point the iceberg was covered completely in snow!

2013- There was a Star Wars Takeover in Club Penguin and you could see the Death Star from the iceberg before and during this event. If you finished the X-Wing Pilot Game, you also would see the iceberg destroyed, although in reality it was not destroyed it just looked like it.

2015- The Festival of Snow Party featured a snow sculpture on the iceberg. There was banners, free Ice Crowns, blue carpet and blue balloons featured on the iceberg as well. Club Penguin held a 10th Anniversary Party and the Iceberg was decorated like the April Fools’ Party of 2008 and a speaker box was also present. There was also a 2015 Descendants Party and the iceberg looked like backstreet alley. There was stone walls with graffiti all over, clotheslines, telephone poles, and a cemented ground. There was also a Golden Bridge where you could easily access the Mine Shack.

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