Club Penguin Halloween Party Events & Newest Penguin of the Week Winner

Club Penguin is one of the best virtual games and worlds for children out there right now. In Club Penguin, you waddle around in a winter-themed virtual world using a penguin avatar. You can explore the various islands in Club Penguin, play games, learn new and educational things, and even chat with friends. You can play Club Penguin using either the free membership or you can purchase the VIP membership with real money.

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The VIP membership of course gets you a lot of cool perks and benefits you can use in Club Penguin. Some of those benefits include access to more penguins and Puffles you can adopt, as well as access to special member-only islands and items from the store, and more in-game currency. Regardless of which membership you have in Club Penguin, did you know you can be named Penguin of the Week? That is a special award given out in Club Penguin every week for someone who has been nominated for outstanding behavior, such as kindness and respect to other players of the game. We are going to tell you first about things you can do at the upcoming Halloween Party 2016, then talk about who the latest winner of Penguin of the week is.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Ideas & Penguin of the Week Winner

Here is What You Can Do at the Halloween Party- The Halloween Party 2016 is about to kick off in Club Penguin. This is such a fun time in Club Penguin but if it is your first time, you might be wondering about what you can do at the Halloween Party. Did you know that Megg will turn into a werewolf? At least that is what she is claiming will happen this year.

Onto the Halloween party, you can go Slime swimming over in the Cove. You will also find that there are sweets which will be placed all around the island. You will be able to go on a sweet hunt and try to find all of these sweet treats. There will also be the Monster Maker 3000 at the Halloween Party. You will be able to turn into a monster if you are a Club Penguin member. There is going to be trick or treating of course, but also ghost stories will be told so bring your Puffle if you get scared. Lastly, there will be some cool pumpkin races going on as well, and these are so cool because penguins running around as pumpkins are always funny.

Penguin of the Week- We wanted to congratulate Citababy because this player is the Penguin of the Week. Victoria1975 nominated Citababy saying that she is very kind and hilarious, also a friend of hers. She spends hours talking to both Victoria1975 and other players, and is always wearing a smile and is happy no matter what might be going on inside of Club Penguin or outside of the game in real life. She is known for helping people feel better when they are down and is in general a very positive and happy person who is nothing short of kind to everyone she comes into contact with. Every Club Penguin winner of Penguin of the Week will get a Penguin of the Week background along with 10,000 gold coins which is theirs to keep.

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