Club Penguin Guide: Who is Gary the Gadget Guy?

Club Penguin is one of many online games for children that are out there. In Club Penguin, you wander around a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar. You can chat with friends, play games, earn in-game currency, build igloos, and so much more.

You can play Club Penguin either using a free membership or the VIP membership. The VIP membership offers you many benefits including more ways to earn coins and more igloo opportunities. Regardless of whether you play Club Penguin on a free membership or a VIP membership, you might have the opportunity to meet Gary the Gadget Guy. This is one of the many special characters in Club Penguin.


We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about Gary the Gadget Guy, as he has been a big part of Club Penguin world for years. If you are a long-time player, chances are that you have either met him previously or you have at least heard his name mentioned a million times as he is beloved and quite the character. If you are new to Club Penguin or just want to know more about one of the most famous penguins of them all, continue reading to learn more.

Club Penguin Guide: All About Gary the Gadget Guy

Who is Gary- Gary the Gadget Guy is the inventor in Club Penguin land. He has built a lot of things that you see in Club Penguin including the Clock Tower at Snow Forts and the Pizzatron 3000. He also is responsible for the invention of the AC 3000 cooling system and the jet packs from Jet Pack Adventure.

What Gary Wears– Gary can be seen always wearing his glasses along with a lab coat. Gary’s penguin color is a very dark blue so you cannot miss him. He looks unlike all other penguins in Club Penguin.

Finding Gary– While it is possible to run into Gary, he is not someone you can track down on your own. Gary only will visit Club Penguin on special occasions so he will let the community know before he stops by most of the time. He goes around to different servers spending about 5 minutes on each server. If you miss him on one server, quickly head to another server and it’s possible you will see him. You will know it is him because there is always a crowd around him.

Gary’s Little Quirk- Even though everyone loves Gary on Club Penguin, he is actually not a fan of crowds. Crowds often make Gary feel nervous and when he feels really nervous he will up and leave. That is also why he server hops so much is because he likes to be gone before too many people are surrounding him and wanting his autograph.

Gary’s Background Item- You can get a free background item of Gary if you meet him. Just click on Gary’s player card and click on the “Get Gift” button to download the free background item. This can only be done though once you meet Gary, so keep your eyes open for one of his many special appearances in the game!

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