Club Penguin Guide: Who is Aunt Arctic?

Club Penguin is a virtual world for children which centers on a winter-themed world with penguin avatars. You can go around and play games, chat with friends, and even learn some cool educational facts in Club Penguin. You also have the chance to decorate and buy igloos as well as outfits and various accessories.

You can either choose to play Club Penguin with a free membership or purchase the VIP membership with real money. The VIP membership is cool because you get a lot of bonuses and perks by being a VIP member. Some perks include the ability to own more igloos and exclusive access to member-only islands and early content releases.


Regardless of whether or not you have a free membership or paid membership, there are many interesting tracker penguins you will run into along your journey. Tracker penguins are basically staff members and special people in Club Penguin who make everything possible. Examples of this include Gary the Gadget Guy, who is the inventor of many things in Club Penguin and also Megg.

Another interesting character you will run into in Club Penguin is Aunt Arctic, and if you have been around for a while you probably have heard a ton about this cool penguin. If you are new to Club Penguin though, you might not have heard much about her yet, as she is someone who is only around every once in a while. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about Aunt Arctic, so that you can get to know one of the most famous penguins in all of Club Penguin world.

Club Penguin Guide: All About Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic Basics- Aunt Arctic is the editor in chief of the Club Penguin Times. This is the most famous way to get information in Club Penguin as it is a newspaper that is ran several times through the year. There is an “Ask Aunt Arctic” part in the newspaper where you can ask questions as a member of Club Penguin. Whether this is wanting to know more about upcoming events or parties or just something about the history of the game. There are also secret missions where Aunt Arctic shows up, so keep your eyes open if you are part of the Elite Force in Club Penguin. Speaking of the Elite Force, there is a rumor she is also the Director of the Elite Penguin Force, but that is a secret or at least rumor for now.

Aunt Arctic’s Appearance– You will know you have found Aunt Arctic when you stumble upon a green penguin with glasses and a pink hat. Aunt Arctic also has a pencil in her hands, which is a dead giveaway it’s Aunt Arctic.

Finding Aunt Arctic– You cannot really go look for her as she is only around on the special occasions like parties. She will often spend about 15 minutes on each server during a party, and then goes to another server to hang out with more Club Penguin members. It is often announced when she will be making an appearance in Club Penguin. You can bet though if there is a party coming up that she will be one of the first people to show up because she loves parties and socializing with everyone on Club Penguin. Everyone loves Aunt Arctic so if you notice a huge crowd around someone who matches her description then it is most likely her. You can click on “Show Buddies” and then “Show Online” to see all of the users in a room and this will let you know if Aunt Arctic is in the room.

Special Gifts– Once you found Aunt Arctic you can click on her player card and then hit “Get Gift” to be rewarded with a free autographed background. If you want to you can chat with her as well because she is one of the few who tries to reply to everyone who sends her a message. She is a very happy, caring and outgoing penguin who wants to be there for everyone in the Club Penguin community. If you see her make sure you say hi because she loves hearing from all of the players in Club Penguin.

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