Club Penguin Guide: Getting to Know Rookie

Club Penguin is an online virtual world for children in which you create a penguin avatar and run around a winter-themed virtual world. You can play games in Club Penguin as well as decorate igloos, chat with friends and much more.

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You can play Club Penguin using either the free membership or paying to get the VIP membership. The paid membership gives you lot of benefits such as more ways to earn currency, more Puffles you can adopt, and also allows you to get more igloos. There are so many things you can do in Club Penguin regardless of membership status, so you will not be left out of many aspects of the game just going on the free membership.

In Club Penguin there are also a lot of different characters you will run into, which are part of the Club Penguin experience. Examples of this include Gary the Gadget Guy and Rookie, whom are all loved dearly by the community and help make the community what it is. If you have been on Club Penguin a long time you have probably heard about Rookie before. If you are new then you might not know much about Rookie, but he is one of the funniest guys in the game.
We thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about Rookie. Rookie is someone who is so beloved in Club Penguin and you never know where in the game you will find his name. Getting to know some of the main penguins in Club Penguin can help you have a better appreciation for these penguins when you see them and can help you better understand the dynamic between the penguins that have made Club Penguin what it is today.

Club Penguin Guide: All About Rookie

Rookie Facts- Rookie is basically one of the most funny penguins in Club Penguin. He is part of the Elite Penguin Force, which used to be the Secret Agent Club. Rookie is known for making mistakes and is often times in missions you will go on in Club Penguin. Rookie also has been in some of the Club Penguin video games. Rookie mostly does not come online or into the community, which means you most likely won’t find him on a server.

Finding Rookie- You cannot really find Rookie as he is only around on special occasions, such as parties. He is not someone you can just go out and look for as he will not be found, although when he is coming onto the game you will probably hear about it because it is announced. Sometimes he likes to pop in as a surprise to the Club Penguin community, so keep an eye out on the servers just in case he does manage to quietly make his way into Club Penguin. You will find Rookie in all rooms though when he is online, which again, is not often. He will usually stay on one server for 10 minutes before jumping to the next server, and usually he goes to 5 different servers. Rookie will visit servers of different languages and he does go onto the safe chat servers. Usually Rookie is on the 4 or 5 bar servers.

Rookie’s Appearance- Rookie is green and wears red sunglasses with a red propeller hat. You will also notice Rookie has on a red hula shirt, like something you would see in Hawaii. His outfit goes with his quirky and funny humor. Rookie is definitely someone that you could not miss in a crowded room, and he likes being noticed by those in the community.

Rookie Stamp- When you do find Rookie you can open his player card and click on the “Get Gift” icon. This will enable you to get the Rookie Stamp automatically as well as the autographed background. Both of these things are free gifts for each Club Penguin player if you run into Rookie so don’t miss out!

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