Club Penguin Gary Meet Up Part 2 For CP Members

If you have not heard about Club Penguin, it is a virtual winter-themed world for kids. In Club Penguin, everyone has a penguin as an avatar, and in this world your child can play games and interact with others. There are several good things that Club Penguin has to offer, including interaction with some of the men and women behind the scenes that makes Club Penguin run. One of these people is Gary, and there is some exciting news about a new meet up involving Gary coming this week! The first thing is that we are doubling all points when they are used to redeem a Free CP membership on our website!

Gary Meet-Up Part 2

We already told you about the first Gary meet up and we insinuated that there would likely be a part two of the meetup with Gary. Well we just got word of when these new meetups will be taking place. Gary is someone who loves having a lot of extra assistants and help, and it has been cool seeing all of the penguins come together in order to collect power fragments he needs to get his job done.


If you want to ask him some questions or just talk to this awesome man named Gary, here are the times and locations of the second phase of the meet up. It is important to remember that all of the times we give you are in PST, and if you are not sure what that means you can head over to Clock Tower in Snow Forts in order to find the right time.

On January 28, which is a Thursday, you will be able to find Gary on the server Crystal at 10 am. Gary will also be on the server Northern Lights at 3 pm. On Friday, January 29, Gary will be at server Fog at10 am and on server Mittens at 3 pm. On January 30, which is Saturday, you will be able to find Gary on the server Frosty at 10 am on on server Sherbet at 3 pm. On Sunday, January 31, server Crystal will host Gary at 10 am. If you miss Gary during this time then head over to server Sled because it will host him at 3 pm.

Gary will also be stopping by next week as well, including on Monday February 1. You will be able to find Gary on the Fog server at 10 am and on the Northern Lights server at 3 pm. Lastly, you can try to meet up with Gary on the Rainbow server on February 2 at 10 am. The last time Gary will be around on Club Penguin is at 3 pm on the Mittens server.

For those of you who do not know, Gary is a super important penguin on Club Penguin. Gary is also a very blue penguin, which a lot of you seem to enjoy because blue is often your favorite color. If you just want to stop by to say hi to Gary or you want to try to help him out, these next several days of the meet ups are likely going to be your last chance for a while. If you cannot find Gary on one of the servers, then you can always try to get a hold of him either later in the day at the other server or the next day. Gary is a very busy penguin so he might not have time to chat with everyone in the first day or two, but keep trying and Gary will send you a message back if he is not busy.

You have an even better chance of getting a message from Gary if you are a paid member on club penguin. This is a great year too as it’s the 10th year that Gary has visited club penguin! You can see the history of club penguin here!

Coins for Change News

There is also a cool update right now on the Coins for Change program, including that one of the charities being helped this year is involving penguins. Club Penguins and the Coins for Change program has decided to help the Global Penguin Society, which helps the endangered penguins from all over the world. January 20 was actually Global Penguin Awareness Day, and this is why Club Penguin decided to talk about the program this week. You probably did not even know there was such a thing as Global Penguin Awareness Day did you? It is definitely real, and it is to help spread awareness about the endangered penguins and how people can help them.

While there are a lot of different animal programs and projects out there that can be supported and that need help, it is only fitting that Club Penguin try to help the penguins from all over the world. These penguins are often times overlooked in terms of animals that need help, because we do not see penguins everyday and they are not often in the news or on television.

An interesting fact is that out of 17 types of penguins that are around, 16 of them live within the Southern Hemisphere. The only penguin that is not in the Southern Hemisphere is the Galapagos Penguin. This particular penguin is found in the coastlines of countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and many other countries and islands around the coastlines.

Penguins are becoming endangered due to things such as climate change, loss of nesting areas, and pollution. That is why some of the best conservationists out there are trying to help these penguins out, because before too long, they will die out if they are not helped by people from all over the world. So get your membership started and get helping!

From conservation efforts to teaching children about penguins and how they too can help them thrive, the Global Penguin Society is helping penguins on all fronts try to live a healthy and happy life. It is because of Coins for Change that there is help coming to these 17 different penguins from all over the world, so it is because of everyone in Club Penguin that this is possible. The best part about the efforts is that with the help of Club Penguin and those who gave money for the Coins for Change program, we all can make a difference in helping the penguins find new habitats and nesting grounds to lay their eggs.

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