Club Penguin February 2017 News & Events

Club Penguin has been one of the most fun games out there for children over the past 12 years. We already told you that this game is coming to an end here in March, as the new Club Penguin Island mobile game opens up. Regardless of the impending closure on Club Penguin, there are a ton of things still going on in the game.

Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership to Club Penguin, you might want to login to Club Penguin this month. February 2017 there are a ton of new events and meet ups going on as the game nears closure. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about all of the fun and exciting things going on in Club Penguin for the month of February 2017. Regardless of your membership status, whether you have a free membership or paid membership, you will be able to get on Club Penguin and enjoy the last full month of Club Penguin with your friends and others in the community.

Club Penguin News & Events February 2017

Penguin of the Week– We thought it would be a good idea to first tell you about Penguin of the Week. This week Penguin of the week is Liz Greeny. Liz Greeny was nominated by Comit7. The nomination says that Liz Greeny is a very caring person and she is one of the most fun penguins in Club Penguin. She has wanted the Penguin of the Week nomination for a long time, so as the end nears for Club Penguin, she is finally getting her wish. We wanted to say congratulations to Liz Greeny. You can still nominate penguins for Penguin of the Week, so do not think because the game is closing that this is over. The Penguin of the Week award will still be going on at least for another 6 weeks, so keep your nominations coming!

February Events– There are a ton of events going on in Club Penguin for the month of February. On February 1 there was Club Penguin Times 566, there also was a Waddle On Party, as well as a new Furniture and Igloo Catalog. There were also the Next Pin Hidden and Mascot Meetup times part one on February 2. There was also the Featured Fan Art Video that was released. On February 10, the Meg Meet up Puffles addition will happen and on February 14, we have Island Insider Episode 6. February 17 there will be an Iceberg Online Party and February 23 will be the second part of Mascot Meet up. Finally, On February 24 we will have the EPF celebration version of Megg Meet up.

Mascot Meetup Times Part 1- There is going to be a huge Mascot Meet up happening and it is going on all month long. You will see the famous penguins like Rookie, PH, Franky, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Dot, and Rockhopper among many others. The meet up times are going to be for the entire month, so this list might be a little longer than usual. This is a huge celebration in Club Penguin to countdown the closing of this chapter of Club Penguin while the mobile chapter opens. Feel free to hang out and party all month long.

It is important to note that there will be a special famous penguin at each server during the designated times, so you will have to head to each server to meet your favorite penguins. The event kicks off on February 9 at 10 am on the Chinook Server, Crystal Server and Jack Frost Server. On February 11, the event will be at 1:30 pm on the Cloudy, Fog, and Iceland Servers. On February 15 at 10 am we have the event on the Mammoth Server, Frosty Server, and Cozy Server. On February 23, Mittens, Northern Lights, and Sled Servers will be hosting the mascots and famous penguins, which is at 10 am. On February 25 at 1:30 pm the event will be at Sherbet, Rainbow, and Wool Sock Servers. On February 26 at 11 am the event will be on Mammoth, Frosty, and Cozy Servers. Lastly, on March 1 at 10 am the event will be on the Cloudy Server, Fog Server, and Iceland Server.

Remember that all of these times are in Penguin Standard Time, which is PST. If you do not know what time that is on the game servers as compared to where you live, you can find out in Club Penguin. Head over to the Snow Forts server and then go into Clock Tower, and you will find out what time it is Penguin Standard Time.

If you are a member of Club Penguin it would be a good idea to go to at least one of these events because it will be one of the last times everyone is able to meet up and chat with one another. If you have yet to meet one of the famous Club Penguin mascots, such as Aunt Arctic, then now is the time to do so by going to the various parties and events that are planned for this month. You will not regret meeting up with your fellow Club Penguin members and the infamous mascots like Gary, especially since the time is winding down for the game to close. There might be some more events coming in the month of March until Club Penguin closes down for good, but why take the chance on not being able to meet the people who have made the game great when you can meet them now and have fun in February.

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