Club Penguin Early December News & Updates

Club Penguin is a game for children where you pick a penguin avatar and run around in a winter-themed world. In Club Penguin, you can do many things such as chat with friends, explore the islands, build igloos, dress up your penguin, and also play games. You can either choose to play on the free membership or get the VIP membership. If you get the VIP membership you get more benefits and perks, such as more Pet Puffles, more ways to earn in-game currency, and more opportunities to own exclusive items from the Store.


There are always new and exciting things going on in Club Penguin. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the newest additions coming to Club Penguin and give you some information on the latest winner of Penguin of the Week. If you are playing Club Penguin on a free membership or a VIP membership, you always want to stay in the know when it comes to the new things and what is going on in the game. Continue reading to learn some of the cool things coming to Club Penguin for the month of December.

Club Penguin December News & Updates

Rockhopper Meetup Times- Rockhopper is one of the coolest members of Club Penguin and is part of the staff on the game. Sometimes Rockhopper will come visit the players of Club Penguin and sign autographs for those who want them. If you want to hang out with Rockhopper you have your chance this week and next week as he will be running around Club Penguin world in various locations. You can find Rockhopper on Friday December 2 at 3 pm on the server Iceland or on Monday December 5 at 10 am on the Chinook server. You also can meet Rockhopper Thursday December 8 at 3 pm on the Wool Socks server and on Sunday December 11 at 10 am on the Jack Frost Server. Lastly, you can find Rockhopper on Wednesday December 14 at 3 pm on the Mammoth server.

Renenber that the times we list are those in Penguin Standard Time. If you are not sure what time this is you can go to the Clock Tower in Snow Forts to see what time it is so you can be online at these servers at the right time to meet Rockhopper.

December Days to Remember- When it comes to Club Penguin there are other updates you need to know about and days you need to remember. On December 1, the Rockhopper times were posted on Club Penguin and on December 5, there will be a meetup for International Ninja Day. December 14 feaatures a hidden pin, even more Rockhopper Meetup Times will be posted, and the Club Penguin Times 563 will be coming out. You can find Island Insider Episode 4 on December 21. There is a lot of exciting things going on in Club Penguin during the month of December, so make sure you login to the website and check out all of the cool things going on.



Penguin of the Week– We wanted to give a shoutout to Penny2145 who is now Penguin of the Week for this week. She was nominated by several people for being very kind and someone who is always willing to cheer you up if you are feeling sad or depressed. She is also very talented and her artwork is pretty amazing, along with her sense of humor being on point. Penny2145 is a Club Penguin user who supports everyone in the community and loves to talk with anyone and everyone that will listen. We wanted to say congratulations to Penny2145 and she will win 10,000 gold coins and the Penguin of the Week background.

If you have someone you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week, you can leave comments on Club Penguin’s website. You can nominate anyone regardless of whether they have a free membership or a VIP membership, and you can nominate the same person over and over. You also can nominate new people every week and hope that other people will nominate that person as well so they have a better chance of winning. The good thing about Penguin of the Week is that the winner will get recognized throughout the community in Club Penguin, and will have bragging rights since they have the gold coins and the Penguin of the Week background.


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