Club Penguin Coins for Change Results & Other Important Member News

Coins for Change is a very popular campaign on Club Penguin. If you have never heard of Coins for Change before, it is basically a virtual charity ran in the game. If you participate in the program as a Club Penguin member, you can donate your virtual coins earned through games and activities to stands and booths that are found all throughout the game. The Coins for Change campaign runs around Christmas time, and once it is over, the money is collected and turned into real money that goes towards various charities.


The Coins for Change campaign has been going on since 2007 in Club Penguin, with each year more money being raised and more money being distributed to the various charities of choice for that year.

The children who play Club Penguin can pick from a variety of charities that are being offered for that year. The charities always involve things such as endangered animals and saving the environment, helping the undeserved children and families around the world, and also helping children who are sick and battling sickness.

The charity that gets the most virtual currency from the players in Club Penguin gets the most real money and then the rest of the money is split between the other charities that are being helped that year in the game. This is one of those campaigns that turns virtual money into real money through the Club Penguin game, and it is teaching children about what it is like to help and serve other people. This is another great reason to get a membership on Club Penguin, you are helping to support great causes all around the world!

2015 Coins for Change Total

In 2017, the Coins for Change program was designed to help four different projects. The first was to provide toys to kids in need, second was saving endangered animals, third was to build playgrounds all over the world, and the last project was to help children’s hospitals out.

It was just announced that for the 2015 Coins for Change campaign in Club Penguin, there was 9.183,166,300 virtual coins raised for these four projects. That is huge and it will all be turned into real money and then split between the four different projects to help children and animals all over the world, whether they are sick, undeserved, or just need some help to thrive in their environment.

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Other Club Penguin News

There is more news going on right now in Club Penguin world, but it is not good news like the Coins for Change total update. The bad news is that the SoundStudio app for iOS and Android as well as the Sled Racer app for iOS and Android have both been retired. If you are using either the Sled Racer app or the SoundStudio app on your mobile device, then this news definitely will be affecting you in a negative way.

If you already have SoundStudio or Sled Racer downloaded to your iOS or Android device however, you will still be able to play the games. You will not be able to make any in-app purchases though anymore with the two apps and also there will be no way to login to your Club Penguin accounts while playing either game anymore.

Another piece of sad news about the retirement of both the Sled Racer and SoundStudio apps is that there will not be any more app updates for these two games. This is actually really bad news if you intend on playing the games still. This is really bad because if there are any glitches, bugs, or other issues that begin affecting either Sled Racer or SoundStudio, there will be no way to have them fixed as the developers will no longer be working on either of these apps.

If you previously had either of these two apps on your device, but deleted them, it also means you probably will not be able to re download them either. The only way that you might be able to get the games back if they were deleted from your device is if you had a backup of them somewhere else, but then it is no guarantee that it will still be able to download onto your device since they are both no longer accessible through the iOS or Android App Stores.

The Club Penguin staff said that although it was not easy to make this decision to retire both the games for iOS and Android, it was a decision that had to be made. Club Penguin staff said that there is a very secret project going on right now, which is going to need the attention of everyone at this point in time. There will also be other new things coming for Club Penguin in 2017, which seems to indicate that possibly another app for iOS and Android is in the works, although it’s not known what the project is for sure yet.

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