Club Penguin Coins for Change Program Kicks Off

Club Penguin is one of the coolest massively multiplayer online games out there, known as an MMO, and it was designed specifically for children ages 6 to age 14. Club Penguin is a virtual world and you have a cartoon penguin avatar in which you use to play a variety of games and engage in various activities. You play in a virtual winter-set world and it was made public in late October 2005. Within 2 years, Club Penguin amassed over 30 million user accounts, and by 2013 that number grew past 200 million accounts. While the numbers have not been calculated in a couple years, the number of people playing Club Penguin now has easily surpassed 200 million accounts.

While you might think that Club Penguin is just your average children’s virtual world, there are some real good things that come out of Club Penguin. One of these good things that Club Penguin does is a holiday party mixed in with a Coins for Change drive, which kicks off in just a few days. If you are new to Club Penguin, then read on to learn about the 2015 Coins for Change event. Coins for Change is an event that not only will allow you to become involved in the virtual world in which you play games and have fun, but it gives young people the change to think outside of their little world and think about people and things that might not quite have it as good as they do.

Coins for Change Club Penguin Event

The Coins for Change drive kicks off this year on December 17 and it runs until January 6, and as always there is going to be some really cool programs and charities that are going to be getting some much needed financial support. During this time period in Club Penguin, there will be numerous drives that are designed to help people from all over the world this Christmas season.

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For 2015, Club Penguin will be supporting four different projects all of which are centered on people coming together to help those in need. During this time, you will be able to donate virtual currency from the game, known as coins, and then Club Penguin turns that virtual currency into real money they can donate on your behalf.

The Coins for Change drive this year is going to focus on helping out children’s hospitals, providing toys for children in need, saving endangered animals, and also building playgrounds around the world. If you are a Club Penguin member, you can donate your coins in order to bring the game closer to their goals, and then once the community members raise the in-game coins, Club Penguin donates real money to these charities and projects. You want to donate as much as you can because Club Penguin has picked charitable organizations that really do good things for children and animals who need it the most.

Not only are you going to be able to donate as many or little coins as you want towards these projects, Rockhopper is going to be coming by as well. This means you will be able to head over to the Migrator, and there might be some rare items you can get your hands on during this time as well. During the holiday party, there will also be a lot of virtual free food and free gifts as well, so this is more than just a time where you can donate your coins to help out others.


This is an event that brings everyone together because during this time of the year, you realize how lucky you are and how lucky you are to be an American where we have world-class healthcare and no one really goes without here. When you look at other children in the world you realize they do not have the same luxuries as you do, so this is a community-wide event meant to bring attention to those who suffer and go without. We also need to remember to support our environment and the animals in our environment so this is a good way to give back to the animals and living creatures that do not have a voice.

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History of Coins for Change

Coins for Change has been an annual charity event in Club Penguin ever since 2007 when the first Coins for Change program began, and it has only grown in support both in the community and outside of the virtual world since then. Club Penguin announced back in December 2007 that it would be donating $1 million towards charitable organizations which came from Disney purchases. Back then there were two places on the Club Penguin island where you could donate the virtual coins, and the charities were centered on helping children, helping the environment, and helping sick people who could not afford their medical treatments.

At that point in time, Disney Channel aired some promotions for the event before and during the event. World Wildlife Fund, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation, and Free the Children all shared the $1 million.

Coins for Change has been growing and getting stronger ever since 2007 when it launched, with the more users playing the game making it even more successful than previous years. Whether this is your first Coins for Change drive or you’ve been a part of it every year, you will enjoy the satisfaction you get from being able to give back to those in need. If you still need a member account for club penguin don’t forget to check out our Free CP Memberships page on FGM!

Some Trivia About Coins for Change

  • You can get a Coins for Change Cap to celebrate the event and show that you have supported and donated to the great causes and charities that Coins for Change supports.
  • A Coins for Change Jitsu Card exists as well. It is not known whether or not this card is still available or whether only those who were at the beginning have this card, but it is definitely worth keeping if you have one.

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