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Do you want to waddle around with some friends, chase after Rockhopper, race down a sledding hill, or decorate an igloo? Well than a free club penguin membership may be a great option for you to redeem your points!

2017 Update: Yes it’s true! Disney is shutting down Club Penguin! While this is horrible news we’re here to help. If you have redeemed a club penguin membership anytime in 2017 we are letting our users exchange it for a membership from any of the other websites or games we offer.  As of 2017 our 3 most popular games are Animal Jam, MovieStarPlanet, & Roblox.  So if you want to exchange your reward just login to your account and submit a request with support.

About Club Penguin

Club Penguin is one of the most popular online games in the world. If you haven’t heard of Club Penguin before you’ve probably been living under an igloo (see what I did there.) Anyways the game is owned by Disney and allows users to play as a virtual penguin in an expansive world. You can buy clothes, hang out with friends, play a variety of mini games, collect rare items, and even decorate/upgrade your igloo.

clubpenguin-free-membershipClub Penguin was one of the original MMORPG games designed with kids in mind. It started a huge trend of virtual world games for kids (like Animal Jam or MovieStarPlanet) with over 100 competitors popping up after Club Penguin hit it big. The game ended up becoming so popular that it was bought by Disney for 700 million dollars, yes 700 million dollars.

Another cool fact about club penguin is how they raise money for charity. Multiple times every year club penguin holds events that raise real life money for charity organizations. These inlcude the popular coins for change event where players can vote where the money is donated and it’s not a small amount, some years it’s over $1 million! So if you want to join on in on the fun you’ve come to the right place. is one of the best places online  for earning a free Club Penguin membership card.  It’s as simple as earning points by doing offers like surveys or game downloads and then redeeming them for a club penguin membership code. So to start earning your free Club Penguin membership code, just sign up for an account here at Free Game Memberships.

Once your account is set up, sign in to the dashboard to see what offers are available for your country.  When viewing the offers, you can sort them by the type of offer or how many points they give you.  You must fully complete the offers in order to receive points.  Try starting with surveys or game downloads if this is your first time using Free Game Memberships.  The free Game downloads and surveys are the quickest way to earn points for your free Club Penguin membership card.

Check out the offers for yourself and see which ones look good to you! Even though the game downloads and surveys are usually the most popular offers, some of our users earn tons of points joining different email lists or doing free trial offers.  Trial offers sometimes offer double or even triple points towards the end of the month so be sure to check back often!


Club Penguin Game Cards & Items 2017

We’ve had lots of requests to add more Club Penguin game cards and items to FGM so we listened!  Check out our new inventory of membership cards and items for CP.

  • Club Penguin Membership Codes 2017 – CP membership game cards are some of our most popular items here at FGM.  You can redeem your points for a 1 month, 6 month, or 1 year membership code!
  • Club Penguin iBitz PowerKey – Many users have been talking about the PowerKey for CP.  This activity tracker will give you Club Penguin coins for being active in your daily lives!  Just cash in your rewards points for one and we will mail it to you! UPDATE: This is no longer available as all of them were redeemed and we can no longer purchase them.
  • Club Penguin Gift Certificates – Don’t see a CP item you want listed here?  No problem!  Just use your rewards points on a Club Penguin gift certificate and you can use it to buy any merchandise from the Club Penguin store!

You can earn points by downloading the offers software for your desktop or just logging into your account online. Both the desktop and online user dashboard have all the same offers and the points you earn are identical so you can do which ever works better for you.

If you’re having any problems getting started with your Free Game Memberships account, refer to this guide on how to begin earning a free Club Penguin membership code.

No other website gives away as many free Club Penguin membership cards as Free Game Memberships.  It’s easy to get started, just sign up and complete offers to earn points.  You can redeem your points for a Club Penguin membership code or many other game memberships! has cards and codes available for tons of your favorite online and mobile phone games, not just CP!  Just look through some of our offers to start earning your free membership for 2017.

Club Penguin Membership Benefits:

– Dress up your penguin with exclusive clothing items for members only

– Access to new experiences every week

– Collect up to 75 kinds of different pet puffles to join you in the game

– Unlimited igloos to decorate and furnish

– Earn special agent items and elite medals

– The ability to play member only games – which are some of the most fun games on the entire website

– Exclusive members-only area access including special party rooms

– Special items that are only available to CP members during parties, events, and big celebrations

If these sound like the kind of things you would be interested in than what are you waiting for! Sign up at and start earning your free Club Penguin membership today!  Free Game Memberships makes it easy to earn your next Club Penguin membership card for free. It doesn’t take very long to make earn enough points by doing game downloads or other offers to cash in for a one month, three month, or six month CP membership code! Best of all it takes under 10 minutes after you submit your points for the code to be emailed to you. If you would rather have a card sent to you in the mail that’s an option too, we just can’t promise it will get there in five minutes!

2017 update:

We recently added one year club penguin memberships to our rewards section! So now all the hardcore disney fans can get the next 12 months of club penguin vip memberships for free! If you have any questions or would like us to add something new to our rewards list be sure to send us an email or fill out our contact form!

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