Club Penguin Closing Down Soon As Mobile Game Nears Release

We have some sad news coming out of Club Penguin land today, as it was just announced within the past couple days that Club Penguin is going to be shutting down. Don’t worry though; Club Penguin will not be shutting down completely until March 29, 2017. The website version of Club Penguin is shutting down in anticipation for Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin Island is the mobile game that will be coming out for iOS and Android within the month of March.

Club Penguin has long been one of the best games out there for children, where you run around a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar. In Club Penguin, you get to dress up your penguin and also decorate the home your penguin has, which is an igloo. You can collect Pet Puffles in Club Penguin as well as play games, chat with friends, go on missions and so much more.


This game has been around since 2005 and had an estimated 200 million users by 2013, although that number probably has gone down a little since then. Club Penguin allowed you to play on a free membership or a VIP membership. The VIP membership was the paid membership option which gave you more benefits, such as more penguins and Pet Puffles you could adopt, as well as more ways to earn the in-game premium currency. You also got currency for free in the game just for being a VIP member, and were invited to exclusive member-only parties and events.

We thought we would tell you a little bit about the plans moving forward in terms of Club Penguin the website shutting down, and the new mobile game that will be released in the next couple months.

Club Penguin Shutting Down As Mobile Game Set to Launch Worldwide

We have been telling you about the mobile game, Club Penguin Island, for a while now. It appears that the mobile game will be launching worldwide sometime in March. We do not have a specific date yet, but when we find out we will definitely let you all know those details. So while you might be upset Club Penguin is shutting down on the desktop, you should be happy to know that Club Penguin Island is going to be coming out very soon. There are beta versions already available for certain regions and locations, although the beta version has not been released for America yet.

You have until March 29. 2017 to play Club Penguin on your desktop, which means you can still run around and play until that date. The game has been around for 11 years and there are certainly a lot of people you might have gotten to know as a player in the game. Did you know that there is going to be some celebration on Club Penguin leading up to the shutdown of the website?

club penguin updates shutdown

There will be a party in Club Penguin on February 1, 2017, and it is thought that a lot of the famous and infamous Club Penguin members and staff will be there. You might get to see some of the most well-known figures in Club Penguin and interact with them one last time. If you have never met people like Aunt Arctic before, this might be the last time you can do so on the desktop version of the game. We do not know the times for the party but it seems like it will be an all-day event, filled with games, food, and prizes for those who wish to participate. Save the date so you can login and join the party on February 1.

Club Penguin Paid Membership Details

If you have a membership to Club Penguin you should know that the features and benefits of your membership will still be active all the way up until the website closes. You cannot purchase a new membership right now though, and all recurring payments are stopped at this point. You should get an email if you are paid Club Penguin member, which will go over how to get a refund on your membership if there is still time left on your membership when the website closes.

If you have a free membership on Club Penguin then you are good to go. Nothing will change for you on the website. You might notice that more people are online now more than ever before, so make sure you take advantage of Club Penguin and all of the things the game has to offer even on the free membership.

Club Penguin Island Details


You can still pre-register your penguin name for Club Penguin Island if you are going to be downloading the mobile game. If you pre-register you will even get some cool rewards as a thank you for getting your registration completed early. Right now, the game is in beta in certain locations, which means you can only pre-register if you are in those certain locations. You can find that information on the Club Penguin website. You have until February 16, 2017 to pre-register so make sure you get that done soon if you want the same penguin name. The good news here is that Club Penguin Island will soon be released officially worldwide.

We do not know if the United States will see a beta version before the official launch, but it seems like it could happen in the next couple weeks if America is on the beta testing list. If we find out more information about Club Penguin Island we will let you know. Until the game shuts down, go on and enjoy hanging out with your friends and playing the games. The future looks bright with the mobile Club Penguin Island game, so do not be too upset.

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