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Club Penguin is such a great game to play, although in about one month it will be shutting down to make room for the mobile game. Club Penguin is a game where you run around a winter-themed world with a penguin avatar and go on various missions and do activities. You can play games, chat with friends, engage with other players, become a Secret Agent, and earn in-game currency. You also can adopt Pet Puffles and get igloos for your penguins.

You can either play Club Penguin on a free membership or you can get the paid membership. The paid membership on Club Penguin gives you a lot more perks and benefits, such as more Pet Puffles you can adopt, more ways to earn in-game currency, and free premium currency. Regardless of whether or not you have the free membership or the paid membership, you should know about the latest news, events, and announcements going on in Club Penguin world.

Knowing what is going on will help you enjoy the game better, plus it can help you out because there are many parties and special events you can take part in. Some of these special events earn you free in-game currency and other goodies. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you what the newest announcements and news are out of Club Penguin.

Latest Club Penguin News & Announcements

Penguin of the Week– There is a new winner of Penguin of the Week. We wanted to give a shout out to Shokolor2 who was nominated Penguin of the Week by Vencedor452. Shokolor2 is a guy who is very funny, stylish, kind, and awesome. He is always willing to help out other penguins and he loves to talk to penguins in the game. We wanted to say congratulations to Shokolor2 for winning Penguin of the Week. Every Penguin of the Week winner gets 10,000 gold coins and a cool Penguin of the Week background. You can continue nominating someone for Penguin of the Week until the end of March when Club Penguin shuts down so continue to get your nominations in before the game closes.

Island Insider Episode 6- The newest Island Insider Episode is out! Island Insider Episode 6 is officially released and there are a ton of cool things in the newest episode. There is a Club Penguin Island blog sneak peek, a Club Penguin Island Questions & Answers session from the staff, and some Community shoutouts. There is also a mini-game challenge recap as well.

Tip the Iceberg– You can go tip the iceberg in Club Penguin! This is going to happen on Friday February 17, 2017 at both 9:30 am PST and 4 pm PST. This will be on the Hockey server and it will be at the Iceberg obviously. If you do not know the times, you can go to Snow Forts in Clock Tower to find what time Penguin Standard Time is where you live. This is a fun little game for people on Club Penguin to celebrate the game. Besides we all have wanted to tip the iceberg at some point, right?

Megg Meet Up- Even though it already passed, there was another Megg Meet Up so we hope you got to attend. This was on February 10 at 10:30 am PST and 3:30 pm PST on the Hockey Server. This would have been in room Forest and as always, this was in Penguin Standard Time. There is going to be a few more Megg Meet Up opportunities before Club Penguin shuts down for good on March 29, 2017. If you have not attended one of these meet up parties yet, I suggest you do so quickly because it is definitely an experience you want to say you have taken part in before the game closes. There are cool games and rewards going on, as well as chats and famous penguins you might know but have never met before.

These are just some of the newest things going on in Club Penguin. You will find that February and March are going to be full of events and special parties. Club Penguin staff wants you to have a good time on Club Penguin before March 29. There is so much to celebrate in the game and so many cool penguins that you should talk to before the game closes. We will keep you informed on the most important dates and announcements that will be coming out in the next month as the game prepares to say goodbye to everyone. The good part is that Club Penguin Island, the new Club Penguin mobile game, should be debuting within the next month as well. So it is not like you will be losing out for good here, you just will be moving your fun to the mobile version as opposed to the desktop version.


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