Club Cooee Free VIP Membership 2019 – Get Unlimited Points & Cash

Club Cooee is a free online gaming community that lets you create an avatar, socialize with other players and members, and build your online virtual home. This game is free to join and it installs in just a few minutes, and it is different than other websites because it is a 3D chatroom-based world. You can not only talk about trending topics like music or celebrities, but you can also use the instant message feature to chat with your friends through the Club Cooee chat widget.


Some things you can do in Club Cooee include building, furnishing, and organizing your house, which is for your avatar. You can even dress up your avatar and then party in the 3D clubs, and you can meet up or chat with your friends’ avatars as well. There is also a DJ room where you can go into, create a playlist, and then play the songs so that other people can then vote on the music you selected. You can also choose to run your own radio stations or become the DJ yourself, so it’s not just about listening to music, it’s about showing off your musical skills and talents to friends and strangers. Not only can you meet a ton of really cool people who share the same interests and hobbies as you, but you can show off your creative side with your house, fashion, and music tastes. You will really be able to build up your skills in terms of designing and matching outfits and you will learn how to decorate the interior of your little house too, so there is a really cool part of this game that you can use the skills you learn and transfer them to real life situations.

Note: If you want to a get free club cooee VIP membership you can begin by joining the site and doing the download offers and others!

Club Cooee also has a Cooee Points program, which is the free in-game currency, and you can use these points to get some cool items for your avatar and house. You can earn these points by filling out surveys and referring your friends to join Club Cooee as well. Whether you want to party on the exotic beach or hang out in the music clubs, you can participate in a number of virtual 3D chat rooms where you can meet new friends, hang out with old friends, or just chill to get your mind off of real life for a while. If you are interested, thre is also a romantic gardens room too, so if you like someone who two can go in that room and have basically a virtual date, and it’s a really cool way to take your friendship to the next level without the awkwardness of real life interaction.

Earn Free Cooee Points & Cooee Cash

While Cooee Points are the main game currency, you can also use real money to get the Gold membership package. You cannot use the in-game currency to upgrade to the Gold package because the Gold membership package is an exclusive real-money VIP membership essentially. You can buy the items in the shop using real money if you are a Gold member, and in the game this is called Cooee Cash.


How to get Free Club Cooee VIP Membership in 2019

You can get free Club Cooee memberships through our Free Game Memberships website, and it is completely free to sign up. The premise of the website is that you will sign up and then you can take various surveys and other offers, which all have a point value assigned to them. Once you have saved enough points, you can redeem and cash out towards membership cards worth various amounts, such as 30-days or 90-days.

To get into more detail about our website, the first thing you need to do is sign up, and you get 50 points automatically for signing up, and it takes about 1 minute. You must use your real information when signing up because this is how your work is validated, and this includes using your real name and address. You will then notice there are a lot of different surveys and offers waiting for you to complete, which are often from advertisers and sponsors, and they all have different point values assigned to them. Just pick the surveys or offers you want to complete, and then submit them where they will be reviewed for accuracy. You must use your real information when completing each of the surveys and offers or your work will not be accepted and you will not get the points associated with that offer. Once your work has been accepted, then you will notice the points have been added to your account, and once you get enough points, you can redeem towards the free game memberships. You can either redeem your points when you get to the lowest redemption value, which is a 30-day game membership, or you can continue saving up your points and then redeem towards the higher valued cards, such as 6-months or 1-year. There is no expiration date associated with your points, so you can save them up as long as you want to before you cash out, but a lot of people like cashing out once they reach their goal or the level of membership they were looking at. We have everything from 30-days to 1-year game memberships and everything in between, so no matter how many points you have, there is likely a card waiting for you.

There are a few things that could stop you from earning points through the offers and surveys, and one of the biggest no-nos is putting fake information. You cannot put a fake name or email address or use a fake address or birth date when filling out the surveys. If you do then it is more than likely that your survey will not go through and you won’t get the points, and it would just be a waste of your time. There are also times where you might not fill out all the parts of the survey or you submit the work incomplete, and if you do this then you will not get the points either. You need to make sure you are submitting completed work only and that you check to make sure everything is completed and filled out before you hit submit because you cannot go back into it once it is submitted. You also might not get points if you are disqualified from a survey or offer, which happens sometimes because of demographics. If your demographics do not meet what is required or needed for that study, then you get screened out and you will not get points for this since the offer was not completed. This does not affect your standing in any way with your account and it is just something that helps the company doing the survey find the right people for the survey. Some things that often disqualify you include your age, location or gender.

There is a way that you can get free points however, which can help you get your free game membership faster. If you refer friends to our website and they sign up and complete surveys, you get 10% commission on every offer they complete while on the website. For example, if you get your friend to sign up and they complete a 1,000 point survey, you will get 100 points in your account. You can refer as many friends as you want and each one that completes a survey or offer, you will get 10% of that point value. You can get 1 friend to sign up or 10 friends, and you get points for each survey that each one of them fills out, so this is a cool way to make some extra money without doing any work.

Club Cooee Paid Membership Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a Gold member on Club Cooee, because there is just so much you can do and purchase with the membership. Of course, you have to join to become a free member just to participate in the online virtual world, but you are missing out on some things by just having the free membership as opposed to the Gold membership. You get exclusive offers and new items if you are a Gold member, including having early access to new items and new locations in the game. You also cannot access all of the features unless you are a Gold member, which means that you might not be able to access some chat rooms without being a paid member, and you will also not have as many options when it comes to clothing, furniture, and other items that you could use for your avatar.


Tips and Tricks For Club Cooee

If you are interested in Club Cooee, there are a lot of tips and tricks to help you get started with the 3D online virtual chat room and world.

Make a Lot of Friends- In Club Cooee, you want to make a lot of friends because friendship is one of the biggest aspects to this online game and virtual world. You can think of this as Facebook but with a lot more features and options, and this means that you will have more fun with the more people you have connected with. You can decorate your room and hang out in the DJ room, but if you are by yourself, you will feel alone and like no one cares about what you are doing. Since this is basically an online chat room and world, the number one goal should be to make as many friends as you can and go out and have fun with them in the various rooms. Having friends is going to help you through this game because they will be able to help you with decorating and fashion, and also it’s just not any fun to be by yourself because the world calls for social interaction.

club-cooee-free-cash-pointsTry a Lot of Rooms- When you are in Club Cooee, you might have a room or a couple rooms that you really like, but you really want to get out there and try other rooms too. You might think you do not have interest in the DJ room or the party rooms, but you never know until you try. Going into the other rooms, even if you aren’t sure about them, is a great way to meet more new friends and interact with different types of people. There is a lot of chat in this virtual world so go into a new room and start talking with people, and you might find out that you are not that different from them, even if you don’t like the same music as them or don’t live in the same country as them. Club Cooee is all about making new friends and trying new and exciting things, and if you are just in the same couple rooms, you will be less likely to meet new people who are different and fun. This can also help you in real life because if you can learn how to make friends in rooms that you aren’t that familiar with, then you can make friends in real life too who might be different than you or like different things.

Stay Active- If you want to have the most fun in Club Cooee the main point is to stay active, which means you want to login as much as you can because there is always something new and exciting going on. You do not want to stop playing for too long because rules can change, new rooms and items are added, and new people are joining the website every day. If you stay gone too long you will end up feeling like an outsider, especially if there is a promotion, contest or new room that everyone is talking about in the chat. You will also be able to earn more Cooee Points the more you are logging in and participating in the surveys and other discussions, and you will find yourself having more chances to earn rewards and items in the game if you are a constant member.

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