Club Cooee VIP Membership Benefits

Club Cooee offers a lot of benefits if you decide to be a VIP member to the game. While you might be wondering about the benefits, which we will tell you about, we also wanted to tell you a little about the game first. If you are a child or teenager you might be interested in Club Cooee because it is a virtual world that teenagers can go into and chat and play games with other players. In Club Cooee, you can personalize your home and purchase furniture and other items for your home. You also get to create an avatar and chat with other players of Club Cooee using their avatars as well.

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Not only can you decorate your own home in Club Cooee but you can head over to the 3D chatrooms, where you will find rooms for every topic imaginable. Whether you want to talk about music, movies, life or other topics, you are able to find a chatroom that interests you. You can create music and play music if you head over to the DJ chatroom as well, and other players in the game can vote on the music that you have chosen and created. While you can get into a lot of Club Cooee with the free membership, there are several benefits to having the paid membership. In Club Cooee, the paid membership is called a Gold Membership and this allows you to enjoy more of the game for just a small monthly fee. If you are wondering about the benefits of the Gold Membership in Club Cooee, continue reading to learn more about what you get with this paid membership.

Club Cooee Paid Membership Benefits

Unlimited Access to Chatrooms- While you might be able to get into most of the chatrooms in Club Cooee with the free membership, there are certain member-only chatrooms that you only have access to as a paid member. The best part for a lot of people when it comes to the member-only chatrooms is that people often times are having more in-depth conversations that are very thoughtful and intelligent compared to the normal chatrooms within Club Cooee.

You will find that the people also are nicer and more generous in the member-only chatrooms since everyone there is a paying member of the game. This means that you will also be able to make new friends and better friends in the game since the member-only portions of the game make you feel special and unique as you are a member to a tight club.


Exclusives– As a paying member of Club Cooee, you will also notice that you get exclusive offers in the form of discounts and deals in the game. You might end up getting coupons that are worth 15% or 30% off the Club Cooee Shop. This allows you to save money in the game since you will get discounts and sales that are only available exclusively for the paid members of Club Cooee. These items range from clothing to furniture and many other cool items in the game that you could use.

The Club Cooee Shop is also changing all of the time, so you might find that one week there are more deals on clothing and other days or weeks there are more home furnishings deals to be had. You will not find any of these exclusives and deals if you only have the free membership, and you will also find yourself paying higher prices for items if you have the free membership as well.

Cooee Points Deals– In Club Cooee, you will have in-game currency which is known as Cooee Points. If you get the VIP membership to the game then you will have access to Cooee Points and sometimes you will get free Cooee Points in your account just for being a member to the game. Non-paying members also are not able to take surveys for Cooee Points, but if you are a member then you can access these surveys which gives you Cooee Points in exchange for your thoughts.

Access to New Locations- You also will have the benefit of getting new items and accessing new locations in the game as a paying member. These are special offers which means you will be able to access the new locations and items before anyone else in the game. If there is a new location that has not been made public yet, you will have early access to this as well as to the new items in the game. The new locations might include new chatrooms or new member-only rooms. You might notice new items such as furniture and clothing that is only available exclusively for the members weeks or months before the release to the general non-paying members.

These are just some of the biggest benefits that you will notice if you have the paid membership to Club Cooee. You will be able to get all of these benefits for the entire time that you have the paid membership to Club Cooee. If you are not sure whether or not the membership is worth it, you always can get the lowest Club Cooee membership in order to try it out for yourself. If you enjoy these benefits then you can always get the bigger membership package later on down the road. You will find that if you get the paid membership you will really enjoy this game much more than you would with the free membership.

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