Club Cooee Membership Guide: Achievements & Badges

Achievements and badges are a very important part of Club Cooee, regardless of whether or not you have a paid membership or free membership. If you have not heard about Club Cooee before, it is an online world for teenagers that allows you to create an avatar and interact with other players. You use the avatar as your player in Club Cooee and you can go into chatrooms and talk to people, such as talking about music, news, books, television and anything else you can imagine.

Not only can you chat with people from all over the place in Club Cooee, but you also get to customize your avatar to fit your personality. You do this by dressing up your avatar in various clothing items and you also have a room for your avatar that acts as your house. You can purchase items within the Club Cooee virtual world to decorate your home for your avatar, such as buying couches, accessories, furniture and paintings.

There is a lot of customization within Club Cooee, from your avatar to your house and this really allows you to create a world based on the type of person you are and the things you are into. You can purchase all of these items for your home and avatar through the in-game currency which is known as Cooee Points.

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Whether you have the paid membership or free membership, there are a lot of aspects of Club Cooee, with one aspect of this game being achievements and badges. If you want to get more Cooee Points and awards within the game, you need to know what badges and achievements are since these are two ways you can earn more in the game and have more fun. We are going to be talking about the badges and achievements so that you know how these things work in the game.

Club Cooee Badges and Achievements Guide

Badges Contain Stars– One part about the badges that you need to know is that each badge has stars on it. These stars represent levels, meaning the level of the task that you have achieved successfully within the game. If you have more stars on your badge that means you have completed many levels within that badge.

Both the VIP membership and the non-paying membership allows you to collect a lot of stars on your badges because you can level up on your tasks regardless of your membership status. The more stars you have on your badge, the higher task level you completed and the more Club Cooee Points you earn overall.

It is important to remember that if you are just starting out playing Club Cooee, you will likely not have many badges which means you will not have as many stars. The longer you play Club Cooee and earn badges, the more stars you will be able to collect on each badge. People who have been playing the game for years often have a ton of badges and have leveled up so that they have a ton of stars on each badge as well.

Pay Attention to Task Requirements- When it comes to tasks, you should note that each task has requirements that you need in order to complete the tasks successfully within Club Cooee.

Sometimes you might have to do a task at a certain level for it to be successful. Make sure you pay attention to this because some tasks do not allow you to skip around in levels and if you do then it is considered a failed task. Before you begin any task in Club Cooee, you need to read the requirements to ensure you are doing it right because if you happen to do it wrong you will not be rewarded.

You Earn Experience Points (XP)- In Club Cooee you should be aware that Experience Points are a huge part of the game that you might not know much about. Experience Points, which is dubbed XP, is given out to you once you earn a badge, but they are not given out for achievements.

You can earn Experience Points in the game through activities as well, so it is not just badges that allow you to earn the XP. Every badge you earn in the game rewards you with XP, but you also get XP just by moving up levels on your badge as well. If your badge has a high level associated with it then you will get more Experience Points for this. This means that if you have a level 10 badge, you earn more XP overall with this than if you have a badge at level three.

Viewing Your Achievements & Badges– Since we are talking about a guide to achievements and badges, it might be a good idea to tell you how to view your achievements and badges within Club Cooee. There is both a list view and grid view that you have access to on your profile. You can find this within the navigation section of your profile and you can choose which type of view you want before you look at your badges and achievements.

The list view shows you all of the tasks that you need to finish before you can get to the next badge. The grid view is really the most in-depth of the two. The grid view allows you to see all of your earned achievements as well as badges. The badges are represented by colors with grey being tasks you need to complete in order to successfully earn that badge.

Moving Up XP Level- In Club Cooee, you can move up in XP level and this is important because functions and features of the game might be blocked until you get to a certain XP level. Some of the features of the game require a level 10 or higher in XP so make sure you try to level up your XP as quick as you can so you do not miss functions or features of the game for long as a newbie. Head to your profile page to view your XP level and you will find this right by your picture.

Leveling up your XP basically just means level up your badges and earn a lot of badges. You also can do various activities which can increase your XP level quickly, especially in the early stages of the game. In Club Cooee, you can move up XP levels whether or not you have a paid membership or just a free membership, which means you should be able to see most features and functions of the game on your free membership.

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