Boom Beach: Why You Need To Buy Diamonds

Boom Beach is such a fun game that children and teenagers can play. You might have noticed that Diamonds are a big part of the game, as this is the premium currency within the game. Even though you do not need to purchase the Diamonds through the in-app purchasing option, there are several benefits of purchasing these Diamonds.

The Diamonds are premium currency and this means that you will only earn a few in the game by playing as the main way of getting these Diamonds is setup so you need to pay for them with real money. Boom Beach is still a really entertaining game without buying Diamonds all of the time, but you will notice that you get a lot of benefits within the game if you decide to purchase them.

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Even if you do purchase the Diamonds you will need to be careful in terms of what you spend the Diamonds on. This is because Diamonds are pretty expensive to buy with your real money so you want to make good choices as to what you spend these Diamonds on. We are going to tell you just some of the benefits you might notice if you decide to purchase the Diamonds in Boom Beach with your real money.

Benefits of Purchasing Diamonds in Boom Beach

Upgrades and Construction- If you decide to purchase Diamonds in Boom Beach, you can finish construction and upgrades quicker. The Diamonds allow you to hit a button to have these upgrades and the construction finish immediately. If you do not use the Diamonds then you will have to wait several hours for these items to finish on their own since it is all timed.

Finish Sculpting- You will be able to finish your sculptures immediately if you purchase Diamonds. This is a huge benefit because you will not have to wait for the timer to end and it will get your statue done so much quicker.

Start Upgrades and Construction– Another benefit to having Diamonds in Boom Beach is that you can begin upgrades and construction even if other resources are not around. A lot of the time you need many resources in order to begin the construction and upgrades. This can take a long time to gather all of the needed resources, but with the Diamonds you can begin these things without those resources. This means you will get your construction and the upgrades started quicker and you can save those resources for more important items in the game.

Finish Prototype Defense– If you are trying to get your Prototype Defense done, you will be able to get it done immediately if you have the Diamonds. This is a great thing because you do not have to wait for the timer to run down which can take hours in Boom Beach. The Prototype Defense is important in this game so you want to make sure you get it done as soon as you can.

Starting Attacks- With Diamonds in Boom Beach you will be able to start attacking the enemies as soon you want to. Usually you need a lot of gold to get the attacks started in Boom Beach, which can take a long time to get the gold within the game. It is also one of those things where you only get so much gold at a time, so it is really hard in Boom Beach to get a lot of gold at once. If you buy the Diamonds with your real money you will love how you can begin attacks without gold and get the attacks going anytime you want.

Removing Obstacles– You do need gold to remove the obstacles in Boom Beach, and as we said gold is hard to come by in the game and you do not get that many at a time. If you purchase the Diamonds in Boom Beach, you can get the obstacles out of your way without having to rely on the gold to get it done. You will not have to try to find a way around the obstacles in Boom Beach and this saves you a lot of time as well.

Submarine Dives– The Diamonds will also allow you to begin your submarine expeditions even if you are lacking the gold you normally need to get these dives going. Using the Diamonds allows you to save your gold for something else and you can begin the submarine dives immediately which helps you get through the game quicker.

Troops at the Landing Craft– Another benefit of purchasing the Diamonds in Boom Beach is that you can move your troops over to the Landing Craft without waiting on the timer. This means that you can get your attacks going quicker and whenever you want. You will find that if you get your troops at your Landing Craft sooner then you will get more resources from your enemies. You will notice that if you see an enemy coming or near you, it is going to be quicker getting them over at the Landing Craft with the Diamonds.

Load Troops- The Diamonds also allows you to get your troops loaded without problems. Most of the time you need gold to load up your troops. Using the Diamonds instead of the gold allows you to save the gold for other items and also saves time since gold is hard to get in Boom Beach.

Explore Regions– You can explore regions in the game such as the clouded regions just by using Diamonds. This is also something where you need gold normally to do in the game, but you can use the Diamonds to explore these regions anytime you want without worrying about the gold.

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