Big Updates & New Features for Boom Beach in 2017

Supercell, the developer behind Boom Beach just released an update to the game that includes a ton of new features and fixes some issues as well. If you have not heard about Boom Beach before it is a free-to-play real-time strategy game that is a freemium game available on iOS and Android. When you looked at the Facebook page for Boom Beach, you will see that Supercell has been talking about this new March update for Boom Beach for a while.

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If you are playing Boom Beach or are interested in the game, read on to learn just what the new March upgrades and updates are to the game. These new upgrades, updates, fixes and features should be available right now but you can always download from the App Store on mobile.

Boom Beach Updates and Upgrades for April 2016

New Building and HQ Level– Some of this information was already leaked out over a week ago, such as the new Headquarter level 22 and there is a new building coming as well. This new building is called the Statue Storage Building and it will unlock when your Headquarters is at level 13. This is a more strategic advantage building and if you are trying to store statues during attacks, this is where you should do it.

Player Ranking- You will notice that there is a new feature in Boom Beach, which is the player ranking system. This new system will give players military rankings which are based on Victory Points. There are three sub-ranks in the player ranking system and you can move up and achieve each of these rankings as you play Boom Beach. This new player ranking system will give players more abilities and it will give them more options when it comes to earning equipment and items.

Supply Chest– There will now be an ability to get a Supply Chest which you can earn when you are in battle and get five Victory Points. This Supply Chest is able to be earned every 24 hours, just like you would find with the Daily Star Bonus system which is in Clash of Clans. In Boom Beach the new Supply Chest will give you many different rewards, all of which will be based on your player rank. Obviously this means that if you have a better player ranking, you will be getting better rewards from the Supply Chest.

Armory Level- There is also going to be a new Armory level in Boom Beach. You will be able to get new upgrades for both your Gunboats and Troops through the new Armory level. The Armory level expansion will be just like the Headquarter expansion and it will help you tremendously when you get to the higher levels in the game.

Updates to Boom Beach

The Headquarters Experience Requirements- An update to Boom Beach includes new experience requirements which will be adjusted for the Headquarters.

Base Notes- If a player has a base in the Archipelago, there will now be an upgrade to allow players to add these Base Notes.

Players Can Name Layouts- A good improvement is that the players will now be able to add layouts for the bases and name them. This is a cool feature because players have been wanting to name the layouts for some time, so it adds a new level of customization to Boom Beach.

Gunboat Abilities– When your Troops die off, there is now an added delay that allows you to use the Gunboat abilities. This is a great feature because previously you could not use the Gunboat abilities once your Troops died off, but now the delay allows you to incorporate this into yo1ur game play and strategies.

Gearheart Changes- There is also a change to the Gearheart which allows players to attack five times. Previously, you would only be allowed 3 attacks with the Gearheart.

Chat Section Improvements– Players will notice changes and additions to the Chat section which has been upgraded and improved in the new update. The new and improved Chat section will allow you to communicate better and easier with all of your friends and the other players so you can talk strategies and have more fun.

Graphics Improvements- There have been a ton of improvements to the graphics of Boom Beach in this new update. You will likely notice the graphics improvements and upgrades right away because the issues that hindered the game before have all been adjusted.

Hammerman Attack Change– You will now be able to gain intel through the Hammerman Attacks, which is a new feature.

Pausing Replays- You can now pause replays and also you can play them at half speed as a new feature and change to the pausing replay system. This is actually a really cool feature that can help you when it comes time to plan out your strategies in terms of offense and defense. You will be able to slow down the replays to see the things you did right and wrong, and then plan your attack from there.

Task Force– In Boom Beach, there is also some new improvements to the Task Force search. If you like using the Task Force to search then these new improvements will make you very happy.

Resource Collections Icon Change- You will notice that the icons for the resource collections have changed as well. You will only see these icons now after either the boats or building capacity reaches 10 percent or more.

New Fixes

Overlapping Graphics- There is a fix that will get rid of the defensive overlapping graphics.

Event Dialogue- There are also improvements and fixes for the event dialogues within Boom Beach. This is good news for people who were having issues with the event dialogue.

Scorcher Fix– There was an issue in Boom Beach where the Scorcher would end up exploding your Headquarters. This has now been fixed to what it should be which is ending the battle and not destroying your Headquarters.

These are just some of the improvements, new additions and features and fixes that are coming with the March Boom Beach update. You can now download the update for Boom Beach right from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you are not sure whether you have the new update to Boom Beach you can simply open up the app and it will tell you whether or not you will need to download the March update. If you already have automatic updates to Boom Beach turned on then you should see the update rolling out very soon if you have not already this week.

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