Boom Beach Sniper Tower Guide – All You Need to Know

Boom Beach is a freemium real-time strategy massively multiplayer online game available for both iOS and Android. This is known as a freemium game because you need to use real money to purchase the in-app items if you really want to get through the game quickly and effectively. While you do not need to get the premium currency and items in the game, it does help you out tremendously when it comes to both offense and defense. Whether you have a free membership to Boom Beach or a paid membership to Boom Beach, the Sniper Tower is something you will be dealing with all throughout the game at various points and stages of the game.


Speaking of the offense and defense in Boom Beach, we thought we would tell you everything you might need to know about the Sniper Tower. In Boom Beach, you will find that the Sniper Tower is actually the first defensive item you unlock. Basically the Sniper Tower is a medium damage defense that goes after single targets. Obviously the Sniper Tower is not going to be the best option in Boom Beach, as you will need unlock bigger and better defenses through in-game currency and progressing in the game with upgrades.

Boom Beach Sniper Tower Guide

Offense- When it comes to the Sniper Tower, there are a few ways you can overpower them in Boom Beach. The first thing you can do is use flares, since flares are the best way to target the Sniper Tower. This is due to the fact that the troops will begin attacking the Sniper Tower after the flares are released, and that will help destroy the building quicker. The quicker you can destroy the Sniper Tower the better it will be for you since this can reduce the harm and risk to your army. You want to make sure you upgrade your army and weapons before getting into any battle though, which will also help when it comes to trying to quickly destroy an enemy Sniper Tower.

If you are not sure about destroying the Sniper Tower quickly or if you have the right items, you can always find help in the game which will tell you. Basically, you want to ensure you have a lot of flares and then upgrade your troops to ensure that you are always able to defeat the Sniper Tower no matter what level of upgrades have been completed on it.

You can also use a Heavy to shield your troops, which can decrease the amount of troop deaths you might encounter during an attack. Troop deaths get more severe as you progress in the game, so you want to keep as many of them alive as you can in the early stages of Boom Beach. Even if you use a lot of troops and overwhelm the Sniper Tower, you do risk a lot of casualties in the process if you are not using a Heavy to shield your troops. You also can disable the Sniper Towers, at least temporarily, by using a Shock Bomb. This will also help reduce the harm to your troops. The Heavy shield should also be upgraded regularly to ensure that you are working with top-notch gear and this will help you as you progress in the game to more difficult enemies and bases.

Defensively– In Boom Beach, the Sniper Tower also can help you defensively as well. If you want to use the Sniper Tower as part of your defensive strategy then follow these tips. Shielding your Sniper Tower is a good idea because they are more long-range, and troops might have a harder time targeting them. You also want to spread out the Sniper Towers because if they are close together, they can be taken out all at once by a Shock Bomb. The Sniper Tower is only useful when you have other defenses supporting it. You will also want to have your bases covered on the sides by the Sniper Towers. This is a good defensive strategy because this will prevent the opposition from flanking and using the Heavy-Zooka.

Various Sniper Tower Trivia– In Boom Beach, there are also some things players do not know or realize about the Sniper Tower. We will call these lesser-known facts trivia to keep things interesting. These lesser-known pieces of trivia can help you get through Boom Beach without wasting too much time or energy on the Sniper Tower, especially if you are not sure of what you are doing or this is your first time going through Boom Beach as a whole.

In terms of non-aquatic buildings, the Sniper Tower has the most visual changes out of all of the buildings, which is something a lot of Boom Beach players do not know or even pay attention to. If you see a sniper in the tower, then you should assume this is a Rifleman. You will notice that even the sound of the gun sounds like that of a Rifle. If you are upgrading the Sniper Tower, you will likely notice if you pay attention that the sniper disappears from the Sniper Tower. This is not a glitch, this is part of the game and how the Sniper Tower Works. You will also notice that you will need Stone to finish the Sniper Tower when you reach the level 7 upgrade. The stone is seen on the legs of the Sniper Tower. When you get to level 10 upgrade, you will need Iron to finish the upgrade because the pillar and ladder will become metal.

When it comes to the Sniper Tower, following this guide and using some of the tricks can help you beat your enemy if they have a Sniper Tower or can help keep you safe if you are using a Sniper Tower. Remember that the Sniper Tower is only the first level in Boom Beach and you will likely want to change it out for better options when you can, although that might not be until a little later in the game.

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