Boom Beach Resources Guide

There are quite a few resources available in Boom Beach that you need to collect in order to progress in the game. Basically, the resources are what you need in order to upgrade and purchase almost everything in Boom Beach. If you look at the top right side of the screen, you will see the resource counters, which tells you how many of each resource you have. Whether you have a free membership or a paid membership to Boom Beach, you will need a lot of the resources in order to progress in the game.

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Most of the time, you will earn resources through stealing them when you defeat an opponent’s base, and also it can be given as a reward if you destroy Enemy Headquarters. While diamonds are not technically a resource, they are the premium currency, and you can use the diamonds to purchase the other resources in Boom Beach you need. We are now going to tell you the types of resources you will find in Boom Beach and when you can begin collecting the resource, which will help you get through the game much easier.

Resources You Need in Boom Beach

Gold- One of the first resources you will come across in Boom Beach is gold. You can begin collecting this immediately in the game, and it is produced mostly by the Residence. You will be able to unlock the Residence in the very beginning of the game as well. In Boom Beach, you will use the gold to do various activities on offense, such as upgrading troops, buying troops and starting your offensive attacks. If you have a free membership instead of a paid membership, you will rely on gold quite a bit to help you with your attacks.

Wood– You will also be able to collect wood at the very beginning of Boom Beach as well, and it is produced by the Sawmill. The Sawmill will be unlocked as soon as you start the game, and the wood is used to upgrade the Buildings. Stone and Iron also are used in Boom Beach to upgrade Buildings.

Stone- Stone can be unlocked when you get your Headquarters to level 6, and it is produced by the Quarry. The Quarry is unlocked when you get your Headquarters to level 7, and it is needed to build and also upgrade Buildings.

Iron- You will need iron to build and upgrade Buildings, and it appears unlocked when your Headquarters reaches level 9. The Iron Mine is unlocked when your Headquarters is at level 10, and this is where the Iron is produced.

Diamonds- As we said, diamonds are not technically a resource, but it is important because this premium currency is needed to purchase other resources. Diamonds also allow you to skip the timers and instantly finish upgrades and Buildings. You do not need diamonds in the game to progress, but it does help. If you have a paid membership in Boom Beach, you will get more diamonds for free and this can help you purchase more resources quicker, and that helps you on both offense and defense.

These are the resources you will use in Boom Beach and you will use gold and wood a lot more than you will the other resources, especially if you have only a free Boom Beach membership. The diamonds are very useful if you have a paid membership since you get more this way, but never feel obligated to purchase the diamonds because it only helps you in terms of time and production quantity. Once you have a good feel for the resources and how you obtain them, you will notice that your offense and defense will improve, and the game will become more enjoyable overall.

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