Boom Beach Players Risk Ban For Cheating & Hacks

News has just come out from Supercell that players are getting banned for cheating on Boom Beach. Supercell made the announcement about people being banned from the game on the official Facebook page. If you are currently playing Boom Beach read on to learn more about the ban and about the new changes regarding people who try to cheat on Boom Beach.

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The ban that was just announced via Facebook by Supercell is aimed at those using 3rd party software in order to gain an advantage within the game. The ban is going to last for 2 weeks for those players that Supercell has found to be cheating in the game. If any players are found to be still using the cheating methods in Boom Beach after they come back from a 2-week ban then they will be permanently banned from the game. These bans are non-negotiable which means that Supercell is not going to cave and let a player back into Boom Beach once that permanent ban goes through.

This is the first wave of bans that have been announced by Supercell regarding Boom Beach, and no other bans for Supercell’s other games have been announced yet. It is expected though that Supercell is going to be cracking down across the board on all of their games when it comes to those who try to cheat and try to gain an advantage in games, so Clash of Clans could very well be next. So far Boom Beach is the only Supercell game to have rules in place in terms of how long a ban is and what happens if someone continues to cheat after the 2-week ban.

This news about being banned for cheating on Boom Beach comes as Supercell announced they are committed to fair play in their games. Supercell announced that hacking of any kind or cheating, whether it be in Clash of Clans, Clash Royale or Boom Beach will not be tolerated. The Frequently Asked Questions page though does say that the device itself, such as a rooted device or jailbroken device will not get you banned. If you use an emulator such as Bluestacks that likely will not be the thing that gets you banned either. You would need to be using mods, hacks, cheats and other advantages on those devices in order to get banned. Although the rules on the Frequently Asked Questions could change at any time to include emulators and jailbroken devices.

The best thing to do if you are playing Boom Beach and find yourself being banned for 2 weeks is to ask the staff what you did wrong if you did not know something was against the rules. Typically, though, people that are banned from Boom Beach are doing something that they know is wrong, so you should already have a clear idea of what is allowed and not before you get yourself into this situation. If you find out that something you did was wrong, and you did not know it, stop doing it immediately so that when you get back from the 2-week ban you will not be at risk for a permanent ban.

You also should know that these rules likely are coming for all of the Supercell games, so do not go to Clash of Clans and run a hack or cheat either since the new rules are going to end up affecting all Supercell games before too long. Supercell’s announcement about wanting fairness in play is going to result in quite a few rule changes, which means you need to keep in the know when it comes to what they consider being fair play and what they consider cheating. It is just better for everyone involved if you play by the rules and not do cheats or hacks because you do not want to be permanently banned from a game like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach.o

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