“Boom Beach” Operations & Task Force Basics

“Boom Beach” is one of the most popular games available on iOS and Android. This game is known as a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. Although “Boom Beach” is a free game, it is called a “freemium” game because in order to progress through the game effectively and quickly, you need to purchse in-app items, so it’s free but you have to pay in order to really get through the game quickly.

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One of the components of “Boom Beach” you might be aware of is the Task Force, but there are Operations as well and you might not know too much about either of these parts of the game. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about the Task Force and the Operations so that you can get better at the game, and if you are just starting out you can quickly learn and create your Task Force and Operations.

“Boom Beach” Task Force & Operations Basic Guide

Basics of the Task Force- When you play “Boom Beach” you can either choose to join an existing Task Force or you can create your own. You need to be level 6 at HeadQuarters in order to join or create a Task Force. You can have a Task Force that has either 5, 10, 25 or 50 members and you can upgrade sizes anytime you want. The only thing is that you cannot downgreade your Task Force size, so if you choose 50 members then you cannot go down to 10 or 25. When it comes to the leaderboard, each Task Force size will have a separate leaderboard, which is cool because it separates everyone out depending on Task Force size.

If you are new to “Boom Beach” you really should go small when it comes to the Task Force, because you want to get to know the game and how it works. It is better to go with either 5 or 10 at first so that you can really get a feel for how the Task Force works and how the game itself works. As we already said, you can add more members to the Task Force but you cannot take it away, so make sure you know what you are doing before you just dive into the 50 member Task Force.

Setup of Task Forces– When it comes to how Task Forces are setup in “Boom Beach” regardless of a free membership or VIP membership, there is a setup to how the game runs. The creator of the Task Force is always the leader, and leaders are able to promote members to various positions. Members can be promoted to co-leaders or officers, and leaders also can choose someone to hand their leadership to if they no longer want the position. Leaders are also allowed to kick out other Task Force members, and the co-leaders can do everything except promote or demote leaders or co-leaders.

If you get kicked out of a Task Force, you cannot try to join another Task Force for 24 hours. If you are joining a Task Force when there is an ongoing operation happening, you will not be able to participate in that operation as you will need to wait for the next one to start before getting involved. If you are an Officer in “Boom Beach” you can kick out members and also choose to accept people in if they sent a join request to the Task Force. If the leader of the Task Force leaves, but does not appoint someone else as a Leader, then the position will go to the person who has been in the Task Force for the longest period of time.

All About Intel & Operations- When it comes to intel, the Task Force will keep all of the intel you have gathered. Only Officers, Leaders and Co-Leaders can begin and start Operations. The Task Force will have to have enough intel first before an Operation can begin. If you are not sure how to gather intel in “Boom Beach” it’s pretty simple as the Task Force members just need to battle islands around the Archipelago. If you successfully defend Home Base you can also gather quite a bit of intel as well.

There is no certain amount of currency intel will cost, because it all depends on the size of the Task Force. This means that bigger Task Forces will need more money for intel than the 10 member Task Force. This is also another reason why you should start out small with your Task Force, because you probably will not have enough money or in-game currency to purchase the required intel for the bigger Task Force.

All About Power Bases- If you have already started the Operation, you will notice that you get one Force Point for each Power Base building you destroy. The Power Core is the main target, and if you hit this then a chain reaction occurs which will destroy the entire base. Once you do this you will get all of the Force Points available. If you are a Leader, Co-Leader or Officer, you can use intel to sabotage certain types of buildings. There is also a spectator mode which you can use to watch the Task Force members launch attacks, and they are in real time too!

Operation Rewards- In “Boom Beach” you will get rewards for completing Operations 24 hours after the Operation ends. The Task Force points are added to the Task Force score and your rewards will coem to you by boat. If you do not collect your reward right away that is fine, it will be available under near the end of the next Operation. This means that you want to make sure you pick up your rewards by the near end of the next Operation or else they go away. If you end up leaving the Task Force before the Operation is completed, you will not get the rewards at the end of the Operation, even if you come back to the Operation at a later time before the end of the Operation. You must be in the Operation the entire time in order to get the rewards for completing the Operation.

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