Boom Beach Offensive Strategies Guide & Tips

One really fun game you can download for iOS and Android is Boom Beach, which is a game that is great for children and adults alike. Boom Beach is considered a freemium game because even though this game is free to download through the App Store, you will need to purchase in-game items in order to progress through the game quickly. Boom Beach is a real-time strategy game and it is also a massively multiplayer online game, which is really fun if you like to play with friends and other players in the online world. You can play Boom Beach either as a single-player campaign or you can play in the multiplayer system and play against friends, so either way you will be able to enjoy Boom Beach on your mobile device.

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Whether you are playing Boom Beach on just the free membership or you upgrade and get the VIP membership through the in-game purchases, there are many things you need to do in order to get your offense together. If you are new to the game you might not know the best strategies when it comes to getting your offense together, which is how you will quickly defeat other players and move up the ranks in the game. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the things you can do in Boom Beach regarding offensive strategies you can use. If you use these offensive strategies in Boom Beach, you will find yourself doing much better in combat, and it will help you with your troops.

Boom Beach Offensive Strategies Tips & Tricks

Use the Meat Shield– In terms of Boom Beach offensive strategies, using the meat shield is very useful in situations where you are looking at defensive structures that get rid of the low hit point troops. Examples of this would be the Machine Gun and the Rocket Launcher. You want to use the high hit point troops as a shield also known as a meat shield in order to shield your troops with the lower hit points. Heavy is one troop that can be used as a meat shield along with Scorcher. You can use these two meat shields in order to protect Zooka and Rifleman. You want to deploy the heavy ones first and then the defense will attack the heavies while the lower hit point troops will hide behind them from a safe distance.

Snipe– If you are looking for a great Boom Beach offensive strategy, then you should really think about sniping. Sniping is useful pretty much everywhere in any type of game, and you can use the Riflemen and Heavies for this and have them use flares. The flares will get them around the structures and then move toward the Headquarters. You do want to be careful if you are looking at a defensive situation where it is long range, like the Mortar and Rocket Launcher because sniping will not do you any good in the long range situations. Sniping is best used for the low-range situations and situations in which do not involve the Rocket Launcher in any way.

Rush- If you have played strategy games before, then you probably have heard of rushing. In Boom Beach, rushing is a great offensive strategy because this is when you just attack with many troops at once. You want to use the Riflemen mostly in this situation due to the fact that the defenses will not be able to get rid of all of these troops at once. This is especially true with the single-shot ones such as Sniper Tower and Boom Cannon. If you have a defense that does splash-damage, then you need to be more cautious because these buildings can wipe out a large number of troops easily. Examples of these defenses that use splash-damage include the Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower.

The Zooka- Using the Zooka is a great strategy in Boom Beach and for this you just need to put a ton of Zookas in your Landing Craft and then boost your Gunboat Statues. Boosting the Gunboat Statues is essential because you will need a lot of energy for the Gunboat. You just begin your attacks by shooting the Zookas all at the same time, but you should make sure they are flaring toward the Headquarters. Then you will need to use Smoke Screens in order to begin the attacks, and the Zookas will begin to fire at the Headquarters once the smoke has cleared. Once again, you will need to be careful with the splash-damage defenses like the Machine Gun and Mortar. You want to Shock Bomb the defenses while your Zookas are within range for best results. If you are new to Boom Beach then you want to make sure that you load up on Zookas early on in the game because you will need them if you want your offense on the Gunboat to be worthwhile and get you through tougher opponents later in the game.

Rushing Headquarters– If you have Warriors, you can do what is called Headquarter Rushing. Warriors are great because not only can they heal themselves, but they also are really quick. Use flares to get the Warriors to head towards the Headquarters, then use the Smoke Screens and Shock Bombs in order to get them to the Headquarters without losing a lot of the troops. This is a quick and very effective strategy because Warriors are big and do a lot of damage within seconds. Boom Cannons and Sniper Towers do more damage than the Warriors so it might not be a good idea to use the Warriors with these quicker defenses.

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