“Boom Beach” New Player Guide Basics

“Boom Beach” is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game for children and adults, which is available on iOS and Android. This game is great for both children and adults, although children might not be able to get the in-depth strategy involved in the game to be very successful. “Boom Beach” is known as a “freemium” game because even though it is free, you have to use in-game currency and real money to purchase currency in order to succeed in the game and progress quickly.

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If you are just starting out in “Boom Beach” you might not know certain things such as what you can use gold for or how to attack other players. These are a lot of things you need to know right off the bat.  There are a lot of basic parts to this game that you will need to know in order to start out quickly and get things together properly. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a run down of some of the most basic parts to “Boom Beach” so that you can start the game off on the right foot and get items you need to without spending too much time trying.

“Boom Beach” Basic Starting Guide

Using Gold- Gold is the in-game currency in “Boom Beach” that you will need regardless of whether you just use the free membership or whether you advance to the VIP membership and currency. Gold is very useful in the game, but just how useful or what you will use gold for depends on where you are at within the game itself. When you first start out in “Boom Beach” you will use the gold to explore various areas on the map, train your troops, and also attack Blackguard.

Gold is used later on in “Boom Beach” in order to upgrade the mines, upgrade troops, and upgrade the gunboat abilities which are in the Armory. After your HeadQuarters is level 9 and you unlocked the submarine, you will then be able to use the gold to send the submarines on the missions. You will be able to get sunken treasure by using the submarines to go in and do the missions, so keep your eyes out for that. Even though you can get a lot of gold in the game for free by doing activities, you will notice that you need to get a lot of gold in order to get the most items and weaponry. If you do not buy the gold through the game itself, then you will need to wait a little while to build up more gold.

Gunboat Guide– In battle, the Gunboat is essential because it helps get supplies to your troops and also provides you with fire support. There are many weaponry items available for the Gunboat depending on what level you are at and what level the Gunboat is at. Some of the weaponry include smoke screens, critters, medkit, shock bombs, barrage, flares, and artillery. If you click the information button you will see how much firing power your gunboat has with it.

As you fire the weaponry, you will notice the firing power decreases. Each type of item uses a different amount of firing power. As you destroy buildings in “Boom Beach” you will gain 3 firing power points, so you want to keep destroying buildings to ensure you keep your firing power going strong throughout the game. You will also need to know that if you upgrade the Gunboat weaponry you will be able to upgrade your Gunboat as well, and this will also help increase the firing power of the Gunboat.

Attacking Other Players- You will be able to attack other players in “Boom Beach” but only through attacking the islands you see on your map. You cannot just search for people or players to attack, and the only way to find people to attach is to explore the map. This is one of the things that makes “Boom Beach” a little different than other mobile games out there due to the fact the only way to attack other players is just by opening more locations on the map. The opponents are known as Blackguard mercenaries, and you will see them on your map when you begin exploring. The way the game matches you with opponents is based on Victory Points. You can earn more Victory Points by just defeating other bases during a battle.

Once you free islands, the native people will send you gold as a thank you. You want to make sure you keep your eyes open though because after you free an island, someone will be trying to take it over, which means you might need to keep troops in the area just in case a new battle breaks out. You will then be able to upgrade your radar in order to explore more of the islands in the archipelago. As you level up, the cost of gold to attack will rise, so you will need more gold the higher level you are to continue attacking other players.

Landing Crafts- When you get a Landing Craft in “Boom Beach” you should know you can only use one troop type for each of the Landing Crafts. If you upgrade your HeadQuarters you will get more Landing Crafts. Changing troops will allow you to get a refund on your current troops. If you upgrade your Landing Craft then you will be able to hold more troops in it, which is pretty cool and can help you later on in attacking enemies. You also have the ability to change the Landing Craft order by just tapping and swiping either left or right. The more Landing Crafts you have, the more troops you will have and the more weaponry and other items you will have, which then makes you more successful in the game. Make sure you upgrade the Landing Crafts regularly and also change up the order of the Landing Crafts when you need to change your strategy and defense.

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