Boom Beach: Helpful Hints You Should Know

There are a lot of hints that you might see when you load up Boom Beach. Even though the game gives you a ton of hints when you are on the screen, you might not actually be able to read these helpful hints. We have decided that it would be better to put all of the helpful hints on one page for you so that you can read these hints whenever you want, instead of waiting for Boom Beach to load up these hints for you.

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Most of these hints you will see at some point in the game, but you might want to keep this page handy because the hints can come and go quickly on the game screen before you get a chance to read them while you are playing the game.

Helpful Boom Beach Hints

  • You cannot predict the powers of the Statues so don’t even try in advance to figure it out.
  • Gold is needed in Boom Beach for exploring the Archipelago, as well as Armory upgrades and troop training.
  • Building materials you want to keep an eye out for include stone, iron and wood. If you want to get more of these items you will need to destroy the enemy and get their Resource Bases.
  • The Resource Bases are where the building materials are produced, and the cargo ships will transport these items to your island.
  • You cannot upgrade the Resource Base buildings.
  • If you free a village, it will send you gold as a small thank you.
  • All of the residences on your island will produce gold. The more residences you have, the more gold you will end up producing.
  • If you upgrade your Radar you will be able to unlock more regions that you can explore.
  • If you take out enemies and get their Resource Bases you will earn Victory Points.
  • The defenses of Resource Bases are automatically upgraded when you conquer it.
  • If you think that a fight is not winnable, then retreat so that you save as many troops as you can.
  • If you destroy enough enemy units at your home base you will earn Diamonds.
  • You can find Power Stones which were stolen by the Blackguard if you destroy various enemy buildings.
  • When you destroy an enemy base it will damage their Headquarters, and that will make it easier for you to just conquer them completely.
  • You can either wait for an enemy to invade you or you can explore your map to find new bases to attack.
  • If you change your troop type in the Landing Craft you will be refunded the cost of your current troops.
  • If an enemy ends up destroying your Headquarters, you will be happy to know that the Vault will keep most of your Resources safe. Keep as many items in the Resources area as you can.
  • If you have a lot of Free Villages on your map you will notice they get more enemy invasions.
  • Use the Zookas over Flamethrowers because they have more range.
  • On your Resource Base you can move the production buildings and the defensive buildings.
  • If you want to increase wood production you need to upgrade your sawmill.
  • If you use the Flamethrower it will set your enemy on fire, and damage increases when they are on fire for 5 seconds.
  • If you want more gold production then you have to increase your Residences.
  • Stone production can increase if you upgrade your Quarry.
  • If you upgrade your Iron Mine you will increase your iron production.
  • If you are using the Gunboat Artillery or the Barrage be cautious because the shells can harm your own troops when they explode.
  • If you want to direct your troops on the battlefield use the Flare.
  • Use an artillery hit right in the middle of enemy buildings if they are close together and it will destroy multiple enemy buildings.
  • You can watch replays of the enemy attacks by going to the Activity Log on your Map.
  • If you want you can use the Shock Bomb on your own troops to stun them.
  • You can still use the Vault, Gunboat and Headquarters if you are upgrading them.
  • You can go into the Armory to upgrade your Troops, Gunboat and Mines.
  • If you are upgrading the Quarry, Iron Mine, Residences or Sawmill then it will stop production on those items until the upgrades are done.
  • If the Armory is under construction then it will not start weapon upgrades or new troop upgrades.

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  • If you see a green arrow sign by a building that means you can afford to upgrade it.
  • There is a maximum capacity on the Resource Boats and if it is full then you cannot collect more resources.
  • If you grow trees on your Resource Bases you can harvest them.
  • You can log into the Game Center or Google+ to save your game, and even if you lose your device your base will still be saved and completely safe.
  • If you are at Headquarters level 6 then you can begin unlocking Task Forces.
  • The Victory Point score is what is used to match you with an opponent.
  • There is no way to restart the game from the beginning.
  • If you upgrade your Radar to Level 2 you can set a player name.
  • Once you upgrade your Radar to Level 2 you will find that you can attack other real players.
  • If you want to deploy all of your troops simply tap on the enemy beach repeatedly.
  • If you position the Grenadiers well then it can outrange a cannon.
  • If you see Blackguard Mercenaries on your map, know these are actually other players.
  • Only one Boom Beach game is allowed for each device.
  • You are only allowed to have one Masterpiece Statue of each in terms of the bonus type.
  • Keep your eyes open for Dr. T, Colonel Gearheart and Lt. Hammerman.
  • Each time you beat the Blackguard Bases they become harder and harder.
  • If you end up leaving your Task Force during an Operation then you will not get the OP Reward.

These are just some of the best helpful hints that you might see in Boom Beach. These hints are there to help you out, but it can be hard to remember them all which is why we decided to give you an easier way to keep track of them all.

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