Boom Beach Guide: Common Questions & Answers

Boom Beach is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that is known as a “freemium” game since it is free but requires in-app purchases to get through the game quickly and successfully. There are a lot of fun parts about Boom Beach but if you are just starting out, some things might seem a little bit confusing to you. Whether you have started out just now playing massively multiplayer online strategy games or you have been for years, there are always new things to learn in each game and new functions or features in each game you have to remember.

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We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the most common questions along with the answers to those questions which can help you play the game with more enjoyment and can help you be more successful in the game as well. Whether you are just starting out in Boom Beach or you have been playing this game for a while, continue reading to learn some of the most common questions players have when playing this game.

Boom Beach Common Questions & Answers Guide

Boom Beach on Android– Some people did not know Boom Beach was made available for Android back in 2014. It has been available on iOS the entire time, but up until a couple years ago it was not available on Android devices. You can now download Boom Beach on iOS and Android for free right now! The only issue with Android and iOS is that you need to make sure your device can run the game, meaning that you have a compatible operating system and device.

Apple iPhone Compatibility- For Boom beach, you will need to have iOS 7 or later. This means that you cannot play Boom Beach on an iPhone older than the iPhone 4, since the iPhone 4 is the oldest Apple device that supports iOS 7. You cannot play Boom Beach on an iPhone 3(GS) as it is not compatible with iOS 7.

Playing With Friends- If you want to play games with friends, Boom Beach might not be for you because there is not a “Friend” option in the game right now. There might be a feature in the future to add “Chat” or “Friends” to the game but this social aspect is still not a part of the Boom Beach experience. It is likely something social will happen with Boom Beach due to the popularity of Clash of Clans which is Supercell’s other big game, and that does support friends playing together. If you are someone who enjoys more of a loner type of game and playing with yourself against other people then this game is the right game for you. If you are into the more social games like Clash of Clans where you can play with friends and meet up with friends, then Boom Beach at least right now might not be your best option.

Additional Builders- Right now there is only one builder allowed in Boom Beach. This is because it makes players develop better strategies when it comes to upgrading. The costs, economy and upgrade duration are all set to build only one thing at a time, so you cannot add more than one builder. It just adds another layer of challenge to the game since you will only be able to do so much at once. There might be additional builders in the future coming to Boom Beach but for right now, Supercell wants you to be inventive and creative with your strategies and not rely on the builders to get you through the game.

Statues- Statues are what is used in Boom Beach to give you more functional bonuses in the game. You can add defensive health, damage, attacking force health, and resource production bonses in Boom Beach using the Statues. You want to include Statues in your overall strategies because it can help you out a lot in the games. Statues are always going to be useful for both your offense and defense so if you are just starting Boom Beach do not forget about them and make sure you use as many as you can anytime you can to increase and boost these various functions in the game.

Shield Options- In Boom Beach you cannot use any type of shields and there is no functionality when it comes to shields in this game. This game differs from Clash of Clans this way because in that game there are shields you can use, but in Boom Beach shields are not an option for you. If you are offline, you have the chance of being attacked by other players so you want to always do your upgrades and plan out all of your attacks before you log off the game to ensure you are safe and protected just in case an attack occurs while you are offline.

NPC Matchmaking- NPC opponents are on your map and can also be found using the matchmaking process. NPC matchmaking scores are unable to be lowered which means your score will always increase when you defeat someone who is an NPC opponent. This means that each time you run into an NPC opponent, it will be more challenging since it will be based on an increased NPC matchmaking score. It might seem hard at first but the NPC matchmaking and the scoring is basically trying to pair you with an opponent of your same or similar status, making the fights just as challenging as before, but not too complicated that you could not win. There will be no easy fights and victories using the NPC matchmaking method and it is actually pretty good at matchmaking you with someone of your strength and caliber.

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