Boom Beach Questions & Answers

Boom Beach is a freemium mobile game that deals with strategy and problem solving. If you have this game either for iOS or Android then you know that there is a lot going on in Boom Beach that could be difficult to keep track of. At first Boom Beach might be a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time playing a strategy game on your mobile device. Good news though, we have compiled some of the biggest and most common questions that new players have when it comes to Boom Beach.

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If you are a new player to Boom Beach and you have found some things confusing about the game, continue reading to learn more about what you need to do and what you should do. Not only will this list of questions and answers come in handy, but it will also tell you a little bit about what to expect in this game if this is your first time playing Boom Beach. This list of common questions and answers also should help you get better at planning your strategies and help you defeat more enemies within the game.

Boom Beach Common Questions & Answers

Upgrade Headquarters As Soon as Possible- There are a lot of strategy games out there that end up penalizing you for upgrading your Headquarters too soon. In Boom Beach however, you want to do your Headquarters upgrade as soon as you can. This is because you will notice new items, equipment and much more once you do the Headquarters upgrade. You do need to keep in mind though that you should not stop upgrading your Defensive Buildings during this time.

If you fail to keep up with the Defensive Building upgrades then you will find it more difficult to kill enemies and you will be attacked more often. This means that you need to both upgrade your Headquarters and also upgrade the Defensive Buildings at the same time or alternate between the two important upgrades you need to do.

Matchmaking Relates to Victory Points- One thing some people have trouble with in Boom Beach is how the matchmaking system works, as some people might think the matches are too hard. If you think you are going against a harder opponent you cannot beat, you have to remember the system works off the Victory Points.

All you need to do to get easier opponents is to go down in Victory Points, which is actually really easy to do. All you do is get out a lot of your resources so that you can put your Headquarters on the beach.You want to be undefended when you put your Headquarters on the beach and then just get offline. You will notice players destroying your base and then your Victory Points will go down, which then matches you with easier opponents.

Invasions Are More Rare- If you are wondering why you are not getting invasions much these days, that is because it is becoming more rare. Once you reach the opponent cap you will not get more invasions until you end up defeating a lot of the bases. These bases will show up on your map, so if you are not defeating these bases, the invasions become further and further between until you get these bases out of the way.

You will notice when you first start out the game that you will have invasions left and right. The further you make it into Boom Beach however, the less these invasions will happen and that is all because you will have a ton of bases on your maps to defeat. If you defeat all of these bases quickly then you will not notice the rarer invasions and they will happen more frequently.

Boom Beach Features Are Different– If you have been sitting there wondering why Boom Beach might not have a certain feature, there is an easy explanation for this. This is because Boom Beach is a real-time strategy game and this means certain functions and features are not available like they are with other strategy games. Some of the differences are things you will enjoy while other things maybe not so much, the point is that Boom Beach is a game itself so you should not compare it to other games you believe are similar because they are really not.

Maintenance Does not Impact Statues– During maintenance time, your statue boosts will all be stopped and paused until maintenance is done. This is a good thing because you will not lose out on your statue boosts during maintenance time since you are unable to get to the game to play. Once maintenance is done your statue boost timers will begin again.

No Revenge Attacks- In Boom Beach you will notice that you cannot attack someone who attacks you, which is known as revenge attacks. This is due to how the Boom Beach system is setup since it would be difficult as everyone would always be attacking the person or group that attacked them.

Don’t Always Build a New Building You Unlocked– You do not need to always build a new building that you have unlocked. There are times where a new building is important but you do not have to build them all. Keep in mind that each time you put up a new building your attackers will get more energy and it will lead to them attacking and defeating your base. You want to just save a lot of these new building opportunities for later on.

These are just some of the most basic questions and answers that people have when they start out Boom Beach. Remember that as you progress in the game, you will get use to how the real-time strategy game works compared to some other strategy games that you have played. You also can find a ton of useful information on the Supercell website where the developers post when things happen, such as maintenance and various updates to the game. Also be sure to check out our websites offer to get free diamonds and gems for boom beach by clicking here!

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