Boom Beach Expands the Use of Diamonds

Good news if you play Boom Beach, since it was just announced by Supercell that there will be more use for diamonds. This is great news because this freemium strategy game has had pretty limited uses for diamonds in the past, and it makes it hard for players to prepare for taking over islands.

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It does not matter if you have a paid membership or a free membership as both will now get the expanded uses for the diamonds.

Boom Beach Expanded Diamond Use

In Boom Beach, you can use the diamonds to upgrade various buildings and speed up buildings. The diamonds also can help train troops and acquire various resources that are too expensive to purchase normally. Gaming experts are saying though that you should not just be using diamonds to get things done in the beginning of the game, and it is better to wait to use the diamonds until later in the game. You want to still plan on how to use your diamonds to the best of your ability, which most people say is waiting until later on when you have more building structures and need to quickly train your troops.

A good way to use the diamonds would be to upgrade from Headquarters 6 to Headquarters 7, and then you can obtain stone with the diamonds as well. If you want to use the diamonds you also could wait to use them to upgrade from Headquarters 9 to Headquarters 10, and then you can obtain iron that way. Even if you do not use your diamonds for these upgrades and updates, you also can use the diamonds going from Headquarters 6 to Headquarters 7 to fill the shortages you might have in stone. In the later parts of the game, you will need to have a lot of diamonds on hand in order to get these valuable resources and also make building upgrades. This means that you really need to save all of the diamonds you can in the early parts of the game and make wise decisions on spending it because after level 6 you will need the diamonds constantly.

If you are playing Boom Beach you should be glad to see the expanded use for diamonds, and this is one of many updates to the game within the past couple months. In March, Boom Beach got updates that enhanced the game and made things a little easier on players. Most players were happy to see the March update and likely will be happy to see the expanded diamond use. However, if you are playing another Supercell game, such as Clash of Clans, the updates to Boom Beach might seem a little unfair. There was an update to Clash of Clans as well in March, but it did not go over well and ended up being a diaster that players complained about endlessly.

Most of the March updates to Boom Beach consisted of various bug fixes and improvements, but that was not all. The update included a Level 22 Headquarters as well as an Armory Level. The Armory Level now has Gunboat abilities, and this was a huge bonus for players of Boom Beach. There are also now Supply Chests in the game, which will give you a reward based on your rank in the game. You can claim this reward after you get five victory points and every 24 hours you can earn a new key. This is a benefit to players because it allows for the higher-ranking Boom Beach players to get better rewards. That will increase the time people put into the game since there is now the better incentive to get to the higher levels in Boom Beach.

Both members and non-members of Boom Beach will get these higher-ranking rewards as long as they are beyond a certain level in the game. Also, we cannot forget that Statue Storage was also added. This is a place where you can put all of your statues, but once it is placed in there you will not be able to store them. For players of Boom Beach, these are all welcomed expansions, updates and fixes and it seems like Supercell has decided that Boom Beach is going to be the game they update and focus on, which for players of other Supercell games is a little dissapointing.

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