Boom Beach: Essential Base Design Components & Tips

Boom Beach is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that is available for iOS and Android devices. This game can be played by both children and adults of all ages, and it is a fun game where you have to design your bases both on offense and defense to prevent attacks. Boom Beach does not have a free membership or paid membership aspect, but in order to be successful in this game, you need to purchase currency and items through in-app purchases.


Boom Beach is known as a “freemium” game because while it is free to play, you have to use real money on in-app items in order to be quick and effective in the game. There are many components to Boom Beach you need to know in order to make the most out of your experience, especially if you are not looking to use your real money on in-app purchases. While offensive strategies get talked about a lot, your defensive strategies are just as important in a game like Boom Beach. In terms of the defense, the design of your bases are very important.

You have a lot of components and items you need to put into your base, so we thought it would be a good idea to go over the main base design aspects, which can help you better plan your defensive strategies. The best way to win and beat your attackers in a game like Boom Beach is to have a great defensive scheme and the biggest part of that is knowing how to design your bases. If you follow this guide on base design, you are surely to have more fun and be more effective at keeping your buildings and resources safe in Boom Beach.

Boom Beach Base Design Information & Tips

Headquarters- When it comes to Boom Beach, the placement of your Headquarters is the most important aspect of the game, especially when it comes to the defensive side of things. The main goal here is to always protect your Headquarters no matter which base type or design you go for. Certain bases require you to have your Headquarters at a certain location, but no matter which one you choose there are rules you need to follow on the Headquarters design. Whether you buy items using the in-app purchase options, which is like having a paid membership, or you choose not to and just go with the free membership type of gameplay where you do not buy anything in the game, your Headquarters is always the most important aspect of Boom Beach.

You always want flamethrowers near your Headquarters. If you place them on the side of the Headquarters so they are touching then it will help you defensively because it will attack Warriors on all sides. You also want to make sure that there are many defenses within the range of your Headquarters so that people cannot put troops into blind spots and easily take out your Headquarters. You also want to make sure your Rocket Launcher is never that close to your Headquarters because the Rocket Laucher has a blind spot.

If the Rocket Laucher’s blind spot is covering your Headquarters, it will not be useful against the Warriors. Lastly, you want to keep Boom Mines or Mines around your Headquarters so that if Warriors attack it, they will end up very hurt or very weak due to the Mines going off. You do not want to put all of your mines next to the Headquarters though because just one barrage could end up taking all of them out at once, which is not a good thing for defense.

Defensive Buildings- You want to make sure you place the defensive buildings in good areas depending upon the base you choose. If you put the defensive buildings in a bad spot, then you could really harm your defensive strategies. Choose where to put these buildings wisely and know which base design you are going for before you place these buildings.

Economy & Support Buildings– In Boom Beach, you want the economy and support buildings to match with which ever base design you choose. These are called non-defensive buildings and placement is important because attackers can get Gunboat energy from destroying them and this could be what makes you win or lose the battles.

You can have some of the economy and support buildings touching but you do not want it to where four of them are touching in one area. This is because if four touch on one spot, attackers will instantly go there and destroy them all, and you will lose everything inside of all of the buildings. You want to place them in good locations and you want as many defenses as you can protecting the buildings. Space them out if you need to and never have all of them together in the same spot because this is too easy for attackers.

Just remember that some of Boom Beach is trial and error, which means you might have to move buildings around for a little while in order to know where they are best suited and where they should not be, but it all depends on the base you choose when you start the game.

Ice Statues- In Boom Beach, you need to know the location and amounts of ice statues you have really can impact your game and the Resource Bases. Ice statues allow you to trade offense and production for defense. Good ice statues are important and if you want more Victory Points, you will need as many ice statues as you can manage. You will also need offensive statues so that you can defeat bases, so you need a balance between offense and defense.

You really want a Building Damage Masterpiece, a Building Health Masterpiece, and Building Health Guardians in your Ice Statues. If your Health Masterpiece buildings are high, then it will take more Gunboat energy to kill off your critical buildings and also will allow you to see the army configurations of your opposition. Make sure you do get this mixture of Damage, Health and Guardians in order to keep your Headquarters and other critical buildings from being destroyed, especially when you are further into the game and have harder and more damaging opponents.

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