Boom Beach Commonly Used Terms

Boom Beach is what is known as a freemium game which is available on both iOS and Android devices. Freemium means that even though you can play the game on a free membership, you need to sign up for the VIP membership in order to get the perks and benefits of the game. In terms of Boom Beach, while there is no actual membership, you end up having to spend real money on in-game purchases in order to progress in the game quickly and effectively.
A lot of people do not like to purchase the in-app items for real money, which means they play just for free. It does take a lot longer though to get through the game if you are playing Boom Beach without the in-app purchase items.


Boom Beach though is a really fun game because it is what is known as a freemium massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. Since Boom Beach is a strategy game, there are many different words and abbreviations that you need to know in order to get through the game quickly and efficiently.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the most common abbreviations and words that are used in Boom Beach. Just like many other iOS and Android games out there, Boom Beach does use specific words and phrases in the game. Knowing these words and phrases can help you tremendously both on offense and defense when it comes to planning a strategy for the level you are playing.

Boom Beach Abbreviations & Words to Know

Arty or Art- Arty or Art is a term which is used to abbreviate artillery. The artillery in Boom Beach is the gunboat weapons you will have in the game.

Bar– Bar is short for Barrage and these are the gunboat weapons you will have in the game.

BC- BC stands for Boom Cannon and this is the Boom Cannon Building that you will find in Boom Beach.

BH– BH means Building Health and this is the health statistics of the building.

BD- BD is Building Damage and this is talking about the damage statistic of a building in terms of defense. You also can use the abbreviation DBD to talk about Defensive Building Defense.

BM– BM means Boom Mine and this is a defensive building in Boom Beach.

DBD– As we just talked about DBD is referring to Defensive Building Damage.

DC- DC in Boom Beach means Doom Cannon and this is a prototype defense in Boom Beach.

Dime– Dime is short for Diamonds, which is one of the currencies in Boom Beach that you can use to purchase items.

Damage Per Second– The Damage Per Second is the amount of something can do in one second.

EXP– EXP is short for Experience and you gain this by upgrading various buildings and structures.

FP– Force Points are what you win when you beat Operations in Boom Beach.

FT- FT is short for the flame thrower building and this is an important building in Boom Beach.

GB– In Boom Beach, GB is simply the gunboat and this is a supportive building you will use a lot in the game.


GBE- In Boom Beach, GBE stands for Gunboat Energy, which is the energy used to fire gunboat weaponry.

G-Med– G-Med is an abbreviation for the common attack strategy carried out by Grenadiers and Medics.

GR- Grappier is the Grappler building.

Grank-This is an attack strategy that uses both Grenadiers and Tanks.

Grank-Med/TGM- This is an attack strategy that uses Grenadiers, Tanks and Medics.

Hooka- This is an attack strategy that uses both the Heavies and Zookas.

HP- Health Points or Hot Pots is the amount of damage before something is destroyed.

HPS– HPS is Heal Per Second and this is the amount of healing something can do in a second.

HQ– This is an abbreviation for HeadQuarters, and it is a main building.

HZM-  This is an attack strategy that uses Heavies, Zookas, and Medics.

MP– MP is short for a powerful statue called a Masterpiece, which is created by crystals.

MT- Mortar is a building.

NPC– This is someone who is not a player hence the name Non-Player Character.

OP– In Boom Beach Operations are what the Task Forces go on.

PC– Powercore is the target building on a Power Base.

Player Base- Player Base is the same thing as Mercenary Base.

PP- This stands for Power Powder.

Proto– This is talking about any Prototype Defense.

PSC- Power Stone Chance is the probability of getting a Power Stone when you win,

PVP- This stands for Player versus Player.

RB- Resource Base is an island type.

RL– This is the Rocket Launcher building.

Rooka- This is an attack strategy that uses both the Riflemen and Zookas.

RR- This is short for Resource Reward, which are the resources you get as a reward when you are victorious.

RZM- This is an attack strategy that uses the Riflemen, Zooka, and Medic.

boom beach 1

SB- SB is short for Shock Bomb, which is the gunboat weaponry.

SC- SC stands for Supercell which is the developer of Boom Beach.

Scrooka- Scorcher and Zooka is an attack strategy using both of these groups.

SL- SL is short for the Shock Launcher building.

SM- SM is short for Shock Mine or Super Mortar and this is the Shock Mine defenses or the Blackguard defense building.

ST- This is referring to the Sniper Tower building.

Sub- Sub is short for Submarine, which is the Submarine Support Building.

SW- SW is short for Smokey Warrior which is an attack strategy. For this you need Warriors and Smoke Screens that will reach the building you are targeting. Often times it is the Headquarters.

TD- TD is short for Troop Damage and this refers to the Troop’s damage statistics.

TF– TF is short for Task Force which are the social groups found in Boom Beach.

TH– TH stands for Troop Health and this is statistics all about the health of your Troops.

T-Med- T-Med means Tanks and Medics and this is an attack strategy using both these groups.

Torchers– Torchers is a combination of Tanks and Scorchers and this is an attack strategy with both of these groups.

TS– TS stands for Dr. T Stage which is a specific stage of a Dr. T event.

Vat– Vat is a power cell and this is found on the OP bases.

VP- VP is Victory Points and this determines who you are matched with in the Boom Beach battles. VP Rewards happen every day and a player gets this in various amounts depending on your Victory Point count.

Weavy- Weavy means Warriors and Heavies, which is an attack strategy. This strategy uses both the Warriors who are using the Smoke Screens and then the Heavies which end up taking the mine damage and the Boom Mine damage.

WL- WL is an abbreviation for Weapon Lab which builds the prototype defenses.

WR- WR is short for Warrior Rush and this is when Warriors rush a building in order to overcome it.

XP- XP is short for Experience and this is what you get when you upgrade structures and buildings.

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