Boom Beach Base Guide & Strategies Tips

Boom Beach is a massively online multiplayer real-time strategy game that children and adults of all ages have come to enjoy. Boom Beach is a mobile game available for both iOS and Android devices. If you purchase the in-game items including currency, you will get through the game much quicker. This is due to the fact Boom Beach is known as a “freemium” game. This means while Boom Beach is free to download on your device, you can only progress quickly and effectively in the game if you purchase the in-game items.

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You can think of it like having a paid membership to Boom Beach since you will get more perks and items as opposed to just basically having a free membership where you are not spending money in the game on currency and items. Regardless of whether or not you choose to purchase in-game items with real money, you can still develop and build both your offense and defense strategies to keep you going in the game.

The more you know about both the offensive and defensive strategies the better off you will be in Boom Beach. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the bases in Boom Beach, along with what Headquarters you should be at for each base, and how each base can help you succeed in Boom Beach. This guide will show you both the strengths and weaknesses of each base, which could really save you time when it comes to building out your defensive strategies.

Boom Beach Base Guide & Tips

Dock Base- If you are Headquarter level 1 through 9, the dock base is really good but you want to keep the Headquarters near the edges of this base. The dock base is a good basic base you can use, but it does nto provide you with too much support in terms of an attack. The only good thing here is that if you are just starting out in Boom Beach, you probably will not have gained too much that you could lose. You will not have many defensive buildings but you will be able to defend your base really well, which is why this is a good base if you are just starting out. The strengths of this base are that it limits flanking and makes it harder for your attackers to avoid the defenses. The dock base also is good because since the defenses are all so close together, you will be able to see people coming from the two main directions.

In terms of how the dock base is weak, you will have no defenses behind the Headquarters, and this means an attacker can get at all your defenses and destroy them before going to the Headquarters. If you are just starting out in Boom Beach this could be devastating to you because all of your resources could easily get destroyed in the attacks. If you are someone who likes to have all of your resources together in the front defense buildings, then you might want to really stay away from this type of base, unless you have backup resources in another location. Another weakness here is that the support buildings and economy buildings are in front, which means that there is an easy energy gain and it is easier to attack.

Corner Base- The corner base is good in Boom Beach if you are above level 13 in your Headquarters, and it can defend really well against many attack strategies. This is a good defense against the Smokey Warrior attacks and you can place your Headquarters all the way in the corner if you want. Hence the name Corner Base, because your Headquarters is always in the corner area of the map. Warrios have to run longer before getting to the Headquarters, which is good for you.

In terms of strengths, there is a long run for the Warriors, flanking is limited, and since the Headquarters is in the back it allows you to start attacking them before they can get to your Headquarters. You also cannot shock the defenses between the corner and Headquarters without immobilizing the Warriors. The weaknesses are that the flamethrowers are not any good on troops besides the Warriors. Another weakness is that since support buildings and the economy buildings are in front, every other group besides Warriors will be able to attack them easily.

Beach Bases- When it comes to Beach Bases, they are good if you have a Headquarters that is level 10 through level 20. Gunboat energy will be hard for all different types of attack strategies to get a hold of, and it will be hard to get to the economy and support buildings. The non-defensive buildings go around the perimeter while the defensive buildings are right against the beach. Strengths also include flanking is limited, a strong front defense, great coverage with the Boom Cannon and Rocket Launcher, and Warrior rushes are hard because there are a lot of mines in place before the Headquarters.

With the Beach Base weaknesses include there is a short path for the Warriors, so they can attack you easier. There is also the issue that Boom Mines are not going to be useful to use unless the attacker tries to flank you.

Straight Bases- If you have your Headquarters at level 19 or above, the straight bases are the best. This is better for the Smokey-Heavy-Zooka attacks and Warrior attacks. In the back is where your Headquarters is placed and the buildings are all in the center of the island in a rectangular fashion. Strengths of this base include a long and dangerous path to the Headquarters, which means Smoke-Screen attacks and strategies require more energy. The paths are much harder to get around due to the Headquarters not being on the edge of the map, and Boom Mines in the front discourage someone from straight on attacks. You also cannot flank to one side if you are looking for energy. When it comes to weaknesses, there are not many with the straight bases. The biggest weakness is that the energy is easier to obtain if the attackers are not using a Smoke-Screen strategy. If they are not using the smoke-screen strategies then they can easily attack you head on and get to everything in the front of the base.

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