Best Fashion Tips & Tricks for MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet is a very successful online virtual game that’s fun for both males and females of all ages. This online virtual world allows you to act like a movie star and the more famous you are the more you advance in the game. You want to become an A-list movie star and you can do this by earning more fame and signing more autographs.

In this virtual world, you can play on either the paid membership or the free membership and each has pros and cons associated with it. Speaking of the paid membership, you can use our website to earn points that you can redeem to get a free VIP membership at no cost. Regardless of which membership you have on MovieStarPlanet, one main aspect of this game is fashion. It makes sense given the fact that fashion is a huge part of the celebrity world.

There are many different looks you can create on MovieStarPlanet to make your movie star stand out above others and make it unique to your personality. Since there are so many different options, we know some people have a hard time trying to figure out how to be fashionable or look trendy. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the best fashion tips and tricks for this game. Utilizing these tips and tricks will allow you to look the best and also give you chances to become more famous. Check out these tips and tricks below and use them to become more famous and popular in the game world.

MovieStarPlanet Fashion Tips & Tricks

Check Out Fashion Blogs– One way that you can make your movie star fashionable in the game is to check out the newest fashion blogs for inspiration. Just a simple Google search for fashion trends is going to bring up a whole lot of different blogs and websites to show you what’s trendy at that particular moment.

You can check out fashion blogs weekly, monthly, or every season to see what’s hot and what’s new in the celebrity world. While you might not be able to create the same exact look in MovieStarPlanet, you can at least use the fashion blogs and trends to create a style or look based off of that trend you choose. There will be clothing trends, makeup trends, and hairstyle trends that you can find and use in the game.

Look on Pinterest- A great tip we can give you to improve your fashion on MovieStarPlanet is to check out various Pinterest boards. There are many different ideas you can get from these boards and new images are being added daily.  You can find things including hairstyles, makeup tutorials, and much more. Join a group and ask questions about styles or looks, which can help you if you’re unsure about a style or how to get it.

You’ll find that people have taken a look on Pinterest and changed a few things to make their celebrity unique and more personalized to their style. Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account you can check out the images and see what’s new or what’s been a great iconic choice for fashion styles in the game. So many different fashion and design choices are on Pinterest due to MovieStarPlanet having quite a large community on that particular social media site.

Purchase or Look at Vintage Fashion Books & Magazines– If you want to be really unique on MovieStarPlanet, you can opt for a more vintage look. The vintage look is always classic and iconic and you can find a ton of vintage fashion trends and hairstyle trends online.

There are many vintage magazines and books you can either purchase online or look through online. You may find that a lot of the items you have in the game will create a great vintage look. We love looking through these old magazines because sometimes the classic look is much simpler to recreate than you’d think it would be. Garage sales are also a great place to look to find vintage magazines.

Google Your Favorite Celebrities– Another great way to improve your fashion on MovieStarPlanet is to just check out your favorite celebrities online. Search for the celebrities you love the most and see what their style is for that time of year. You may not be able to create the look exactly, but celebrities will be wearing the newest and trendiest clothing items. There will also likely be hairstyles and makeup changes that you can use in MovieStarPlanet. Even celebrities that have passed away oftentimes were huge style icons, so make sure you check out both living and deceased celebrities of your choice to get some inspiration for your movie star in the game.

Collect as Many StarCoins as Possible- The above tips and tricks will help you create a fashionable look on MovieStarPlanet, but it’s important to not forget about StarCoins. You’ll need a lot of StarCoins to purchase new items in the Store, including clothing items and other accessories.

The best way to get these items is to start early collecting StarCoins. It’s important not to waste the StarCoins on frivolous items and instead focus on saving the coins for a later time. The sooner you begin saving your StarCoins, the quicker you’ll be able to copy various fashion trends that are happening right now.

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