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When enough of our users demand something we make it happen! So now when you login to your account you’ll see a new redemption offer in your prizes area and that’s free memberships for Adventure Quest Worlds or as it’s better known AQW. AQW is one of the fastest growing online MMO games of the last few years and it’s easy to see why. AQ Worlds was first released in the summer 2008 as a beta game and by the next year it had already grown to over 6 million players. Today well over 30 million people play the game which makes it one of the top ten largest free to play online games in the world.


We have added a variety of new redemption’s to for AQW including 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month legend member account codes and cards. We also have added adventure coins as a free offer you can trade your points for. For AdventureCoins you can redeem 900 AC’s, 2000 AC’s, 5000 AC’s, and the big dog package with 12,000 AC’s.

If you would like to get your free AQW membership for Legend Accounts you need to sign up today and start earning points by doing the download offers on our website.

They are the fastest way to earn the points you need to redeem free memberships. As a bonus in honor of the new game being added to our website we have decided to offer all the AQ worlds prizes at half cost for the next 3 months! That’s right, for essentially all of spring (and maybe longer) we will be offering all the AQW coins and membership cards for half of the original cost. So if you are even thinking about it, now’s the time to sign up and start earning your free points by downloading and testing games for our advertisers or completing other available offers.

In adventure quest worlds you need to train and build your character up in level so that you can compete and defeat the 13 lords of chaos. If you are able to accomplish this you will be able to fight Drakath who is known as the Champion of Chaos.

Similar to other popular online mmo games you can choose the path you wish you take by determining the type of warrior you would like to be. There are 4 available classes in AQW which are the healer, rogue, mage, and the warrior. Each has their own specialties and you need to choose wisely to pick the type of character that best suits your unique skillset. You can then help mold you’re character into a true force by building up your skill and level through battling opponents and increasing your stats. The better the opponent the more experience you earn, so be brave and get to work!

Something cool and interesting about AQW that makes it unique is the regular event they hold. Rather than having the same content at all times they actually release special week long events and even live events with famous celebrities and musicians.


Enough about the game let’s get to the juicy info!

What are the membership perks of being a Free AQW Legend?

I guess if the game is free to play what’s the benefit of having a paid member account of AdventureQuest World? Well there are a ton of reasons actually!

First off as a member you have access to over 20 different Legend Only classes including my favorite “Renegade”

Secondly you get access to a bunch of legend only items including exclusive pets, weapons, and more. There are actually over 3000 unique member only items that you can only get by being a AQW legend.

Third you get access to a bunch of exclusive areas in the game including bosses and storylines regular users don’t have access too. Plus you can make your own exclusive guild for you and your buddies.

Fourth everyone knows how much it stinks to be on a crowded server. Well with a free AQW membership account you can use the members only servers which are fastest and less crowded than the standard servers.

Finally there are a bunch of other perks that you really need a membership to experience like 2 free keys per month, the ability to chat and dual wield weapons, special emotes ect.

Now instead of having to spend a minimum of $20 to access all of this you can get it all for free from! Sign up today and start earning points by downloading and testing games for new developers, filling out free sample offers, and more!

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