Animal Jam Trade Guide: Recognizing a Scam

Animal Jam is a very fun game for children where you can explore a virtual world known as Jamaa. In Animal Jam, you can do many things such as play games, chat with friends, dress up your characters, and explore the world or go on adventures. You can play Animal Jam either on a free membership or you can get the VIP membership with real money. The VIP membership entitles you to more benefits such as free gems, more dens and characters, and even more areas of the game to explore.


One thing you can do regardless of whether you are playing on the free membership or the VIP membership is trade with other people. When it comes to trading in Animal Jam, you can end up getting a lot of cool items this way, especially rare items that people do not want anymore or items they have already outgrown in the game. While trading is very good way to get items you want cheaper than going through the store, there are always people out there looking to take advantage of you. Even though there is moderation in place to get rid of people who are looking to scam you, sometimes people can pass through the filter, especially if they have not been reported yet to the staff.

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you about some of the most common ways to recognize a scam. Knowing how to recognize a scam can help your Animal Jam account stay safe and can ensure you are getting a fair deal. By going through this list of scam words and phrases, you are going to be better equipped and more confident in your trading deals.

Animal Jam Trading Scam Guide

It’s Their Birthday and They Want Presents– If you run across someone who says it is their birthday and you should send them a present, then you are likely dealing with a scam. You will see this most often in Coral Canyons and Jamaa Township. Do not send them presents because this is a scam, although if you just want to give away an item then you can. If you do end up sending a gift because you feel like it is legit, even though it is probably not, do not send any rare items or items you care about.


Declining All Trades, Try Me– You might see someone say “I decline all trades, try me” and think to send them something to see. This is a scam and a trick and often said just to get people to send them items in a trade. A lot of time the person wants a rare item and you should never trade when you see this phrase because the persona will accept the trade. Only if you know the person should you ever do something like this.

Saying They are Poor and Send Items- You might get the group of scammers who will try to make you feel bad. They might say things like they are poor and have no money, but want items anyways. These types of people are scammers, and if you know they are a member then they definitely have money to spend on items. Even if the situation is legit, it is still wise not to go through with this because you are sending them something and they likely will not be sending you anything.

Send a Gift to Win an Item- If you see someone say “the person who sends me the best gift will win (fill in the blank) items” then you are seeing a scam. Do not fall for this because the person will never send you anything, especially whatever item they claim they will be sending. All the person has to do is say that you did not send the best gift and did not win and there is no way you can prove otherwise, which is why this is really a good scam.

Wanting to Trade a Specific Item for a Specific Item- A lot of times you might see someone say “If you send me (blank) I will send you my (blank) and these are often scams too. You most of the time will never get an item back from them and they are often just lying because they want an item. This is especially true if the item they want is a rare item or expensive item. It is best just to avoid these types of people.

People Who Say They Were Scammed & Need the Item– Sometimes you might have scammers say they were scammed. These people want you to send them the item they lost in the scam, and this often is a sympathy scam meant to get you upset or feel sorry for them. Sometimes it might be true that this happened to someone, but it is best to avoid sending these all together. If you are really confident the person is being honest and you know them, feel free to send the item. Otherwise, if you do not know the person, you likely are being scammed because that person just wants a free item and has no intention of a legit trade.

Trade for a Free Gem Code or Membership- You never want to trade with someone if they tell you they will send you free gem codes or membership codes if you send them a specific item. These people are scammers 100 percent of the time because gem codes are only posted by staff in the Daily Explorer section of Animal Jam. If someone offers a membership code, chances are the code was already redeemed and you are being taken for a ride.


Sending Rare Item to be shown a Glitch– If someone says they will show you a glitch if you send them a rare item; this is 100 percent definitely a scam. This is just someone who is trying to get your rare items and they are not going to ever show you a glitch because there are none. This is one of the phrases you will hear where you should definitely stay away because any normal Animal Jam user would not say this.

Saying Their Dad Works for Animal Jam– You might also get some scammers that tell you their dad works for Animal Jam, and that if you report them you will be banned. This should be common sense but we wanted to tell you this is also a scammer and never fall for this. If someone’s dad works for Animal Jam the person would not be threatening you they would be happy and telling everyone about their dad. No one who has a parent who works for Animal Jam would threaten a user if you said you would report them. Plus, if they are playing the game the right way there would be no reason for someone to report them to Animal Jam in the first place.

Saying They Want to Try on an Item- Another scam that you might run into on Animal Jam is a user asking you if they can try on an item you have. This is a scam and is just a quick way to get you to send them a specific item without it looking weird. You should never let anyone “try on” and item that you have because there is no way to get the item back once you have sent it. This is often times a scam used for clothing items and accessories, but it can be phrased to fit many different situations and items in Animal Jam.

Pretending to Be Staff Talking about Item Updates– Lastly, if you see any messages that say a user is from Animal Jam staff and there are updates going on this are a scam. Most of the time it will say please send me your item so I can update it for you in Animal Jam Headquarters. You should know that no staff members would ever ask for any of your items for any reason. Also, there is no need to have items of users to update the items as that is done in the game itself with the software.

These are just some of the most commonly used phrases you will need to look out for that scammers use regularly. If you see anyone on Animal Jam using these phrases you should report them because you do not want them to take advantage of a player on Animal Jam, even if that player is not you or anyone you know. The more people you report who do these kinds of things the better off Animal Jam as a community is and the better off the players are in terms of morale.




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