Animal Jam Tour Guide Tips & Tricks

Animal Jam is a very cool massively multiplayer online game for children. In this game you can chat with friends, play games, earn in-game currency, and design your dens for your Animal Jam characters. Animal Jam is a game that you can play either using a free membership or the paid membership. If you get the VIP membership on Animal Jam, you will get a lot of perks such as more dens, more pets and characters, and also have access to member-only parties and items.

Regardless of whether you are a free member of Animal Jam or a paid member of Animal Jam, one thing you probably have seen around Jamaa are the Tour Guides. You too can become a Tour Guide if you want, especially if you are into helping people. Tour Guides go around and show all of the new people in Animal Jam how to play the game and teach them about Jamaa. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the best tips and tricks if you decide to become a Tour Guide, which can help you make the most out of this opportunity. If you follow our tips and tricks you will become a really good Tour Guide and help out a lot of the newbies in Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Tour Guide Tips & Tricks

Wear Nice Clothing- If you are a Tour Guide, you want to make sure you are wearing nice clothing in Animal Jam. You do not want to come across mean or like someone who is a rebel or uneducated. You want to wear nice clothing so that new people will feel comfortable coming up to you and asking you for help in Jamaa. Wear clothing that makes you feel good both inside and out and also look professional.

Teach Trading Tips– As a Tour Guide, you want to make sure you tell the newbies about trading. You want to teach the new players in Animal Jam about the trading rules, such as how to recognize a scam and how to report people who are trying to scam you or someone else. Make sure the new players understand how trading works and how it works in the correct way.


Show New Players Around– You want to show new players around in Animal Jam, including showing the people everywhere in Jamaa if you are a Tour Guide. You want to show them all the different areas of Animal Jam, including where most of the parties go down and where the most popular hangouts are. You can show the new players the lay of the land in any order you want, but make sure you hit all of the areas in Animal Jam.

Talk About Gems- You want to talk about Gems and show new players how they can earn Gems. You want the new players to know what the Gems are and how they can play games to earn the Gems. Also give the new players tips on which games give out the most Gems and then explain how the various adventures work. Show the new players how to recycle items and get money back for them in order to buy new items as well.

Educate New Players about Diamonds- You also want to talk to the new players about Diamonds if you are a Tour Guide. The Diamond Shop is a very special place, regardless of whether the person is on a free membership or a VIP membership. Talk about all of the ways to earn Diamonds, such as the codes and Daily Spin. There are items that are for members and non-members so as a Tour Guide you must show the new players all of these items and explain which items are for which group.


Jam-a-Gram & Buddies- You want to teach the new players all about buddies and all about Jam-a-Grams. You want to show the new players in Animal Jam how to add buddies and how to delete buddies off your list. You want to also explain how paid members are allowed to have the Jam-a-Grams free chat while the non-members only have certain Jam-a-Gram phrases to use in Animal Jam. All players in Animal Jam love sending Jam-a-Grams, so make sure that you talk to the new players about how the system works.

Educate Them on Rares– Rare items are very important in Animal Jam, so you want to talk to the new players about Rares if you are a Tour Guide. Tell the new players what Rares are in Animal Jam, how you get them, and how to avoid being scammed for rare items when Trading. You also can show the new players some examples of Rares and how the rares look different or function different from regular items.

Encourage the New Players- If you are a Tour Guide, you also want to encourage the new players in all areas of Animal Jam. Make sure the new player knows they are not alone and that all questions are important. Make sure the person knows that they can come to you with any questions or problems, and ensure they feel confident in what they are doing before you let them go into the wild on their own. You want to be supportive and positive when interacting with new players, because the interaction with you is what will keep them coming back to the game or choosing to jump ship after the first day. You basically are the ambassador for Animal Jam, so be happy, kind and supportive to new players.

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