Animal Jam Tips & Tricks for The Claw

Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world for children ages 5 to 15. In Animal Jam, you can play games, chat with friends, go on adventures, and create your own den filled with unique items and accessories. Animal Jam allows you to adopt a pet in which you use to run around the virtual world known as Jamaa, and each pet you can adopt has qualities and traits that make it different from other pets in the game.

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You can play Animal Jam either on a free membership or you can get the VIP membership which costs real money. The VIP membership offers you a variety of benefits such as more pets you can adopt as well as more den choices, and more ways to chat with your friends. The VIP membership also gives you more ways to earn in-game currency, which are gems and diamonds. When it comes to games, gems and diamonds are very important because some mini-games require you to pay a small fee of gems or diamonds in order to play.

Regardless of whether you have a free membership or a paid membership, you will be allowed to play many different games within Animal Jam. One of the games that players really seem to enjoy is The Claw. This is one of several mini-games in Animal Jam that do require you to pay gems in order to play the game for a chance to win prizes. We thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about The Claw game in Animal Jam and give you some cool tips and tricks you can use in order to get a stuffed animal out of the machine. We also will tell you a little bit of trivia about this awesome game found in Animal Jam.

Animal Jam: Guide & Tips for The Claw

Where to Find The Claw- You can find The Claw back near the entrance of Captain Melville’s Juice Hut. The Claw also might show up at animal-specific parties and Trading parties, so keep your eyes out for that if you head over to a party sometime.

The Claw Gameplay- It will cost you 5 gems to play this game, which means you can quickly run out of gems if you become addicted to the game. The goal of the game is to grab a prize out of the machine, just like the claw machines in real life. It is hard to get the claw to grab the prizes, such as stuffed animals, so there is a level of skill and luck involved in this game.

The Claw requires you to use your keyboard arrow keys so you will need to ensure your keyboard is handy before loading up the game. You also can play using the buttons on the screen with your mouse, but it is not as quick or effective as you using your keyboard.

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You can move the claw left and right and when you get a location you want to try you can press the down arrow key and the claw will drop. You also can click on the red button on the screen if that works better to move the claw down. When the claw drops down it will close, and if you win the prize then you will hear a squeak. If you win, there will be a gift box on the screen hanging from the claw itself. This box is yellow and has pink stripes on it, and there are question marks on the box, since it is a prize and you have to open it to find out what is inside. Once you open it and find the prize, you can choose to either keep the prize or discard the prize if you do not want it.

If you did not win a prize or stuffed animal from the machine, it will tell you on the screen as well. You will then have the option to play the game again using 5 more gems or you can just leave the area.

Tips & Tricks for The Claw

Make Backup Account– You can make a backup account just for this game. When you get a plushie in the game, you can then transfer it to your main Animal Jam account.

Match Layers- If you want to win a plushie the best thing to do is try matching a head on the top layer with a head on the bottom layer. You will often win if you do this and it is an easy way to decrease the amount of gems you spend trying to win.

Specific Animals- If you want to get a specific animal from the Claw then you will need to look for machines that have that animal only. Both non-member and member dens will have these specific animal machines. Specific animal claw machines are available for you to purchase in the shop for three diamonds.


How to Win- If you really want to win a prize, keep playing until you see the claw actually grab a prize and then hit the drop button over and over when the claw is bringing the prize to the top. If you win and claim your prize, make sure to drop the claw back into the same spot where you just won your prize, and then you can win at least two more times. You might end up winning three or four by following this method of winning.

The Claw Trivia

This is one game where you have to pay 5 gems to play the game, but the prizes are not gems. There are a few games where the cost does not equal the prize given out at the end. If you play the Trading Party version of The Claw then you have to pay 25 gems instead of 5 gems. This means you can easily go through your gem savings if you keep playing for a few rounds. If you have less than 25 gems to play this special version, a message will pop up saying “You need 5 gems in order to play” even though the cost is 25 gems, and this is a common glitch.

There is a regular plushie version in which you will see unreleased plushies that are inside of the machine. These unreleased plushies cannot actually be won from the game though, so it is a little bit of a bait-and-switch since you can’t win the actual plushies you see.

There is a 27% chance of getting a common plushie in the plushie version of The Claw, and only a 4% chance of getting a special plushie. The special plushie comes with an accessory. You have a 69% chance of not winning any prizes in the machine however in the regular plushie version. The odds of winning are pretty low, unless you use the cheat and tips above, so make sure you know your odds of winning before spending all of your gems at a small chance for a plushie.

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