Animal Jam Tips To Follow For the Most Fun

Animal Jam is a very popular game that a lot of people play so it’s been one of our biggest hits for the free membership redemptions in 2017. Animal Jam has been around since 2010 and launched in partnership with National Geographic. It is a massively multiplayer online game where you enter into a virtual world.

You have to pick an animal in Animal Jam, which serves as your character, and then you can freely explore the world known as Jamaa. In this game, you are allowed to interact with other people by either sending them mail, chatting, going into parties and games, and also you can choose to trade items with people.

There are many filters in this game to keep it safe and enjoyable for the children, but there are still some tips and rules you should know. These rules and tips will allow you to have the most fun in Animal Jam and also stay safe.

Participate in the Fashion Shows– If you are playing Animal Jam, you want to make sure you are participating in the fashion shows. This is because it is a good way to make new friends in the game, and a good way to show off your abilities in fashion and design. Not to mention, everyone really enjoys seeing the fashion shows, so if you want to participate then do not let anything get in your way.

Pick Buddies Wisely- In Animal Jam, you want to pick your buddies wisely because some people in the game are out to scam you. Besides the scamming aspect of buddying random people, there is also the issue of some people are not always very nice in Animal Jam. While there are filters in place to try to keep out the scammers and the bad people who are mean or rude, sometimes things can still be said in the game by going around those filters.

Make sure that you talk to someone for a while and hang with them for a bit before you decide to become buddies with them. It is the same thing as in real life, meaning you do not want to just hang out and play games with someone without knowing who they are or what their personality is.


Report All Bullying- While every attempt is made in Animal Jam to prevent bullying and harassment it can still happen. If you notice someone is bullying you the first thing you want to do is block that person from contacting you and then you want to report them. Even if you do not think you should report them you really should because if they are harassing you then chances are it is happening with someone else too.

Animal Jam is supposed to be a fun game for children and anyone who is involved in harassment or bullying will quickly be removed from the game and their IP will be banned from logging into the game. Bullying can come in many forms as well, so make sure you understand that too. It could even be something as simple as someone saying that if you do not trade with them they will tell this person or that person something bad about you.

Always Be Nice- One of the best ways to get kicked out of Animal Jam world is to be mean and rude to people, so you want to always be nice. If someone is harassing you or something like that the best thing to do is report them and block them, and not engage in a war of words with them. This is because they might end up reporting you if you say something mean or nasty to them and then you might end up blocked or banned from Animal Jam.

Just use the golden rule, which is to treat others how you want to be treated, and remember to be nice to people even if they seem a little annoying. If there is someone in the game wanting you to play but you do not want to, you can just block their incoming messages so that they don’t keep bothering you. The best thing to do is be nice and do not “dance” with people who want you to engage in a battle of rudeness, because you are likely to be suspended or banned.

Be Careful Trading- In Animal Jam you can trade items with other players, but be very careful when doing this because it is very easy to be scammed or tricked. The best thing to do is only use the trading system in the game and not to trade with random people. If people say “I will give you that later, but give me this now” then stay away because they just want your item and likely will not trade what they have later on. It is also best to only trade with reputable people and people you know are honest and have dealt with in the past. If you ever feel uncomfortable with trading, then just do not trade.

Do Not Swindle or Get Swindled– In Animal Jam, you can get swindled in the game through someone offering you less than what your item is worth during a trade. Make sure that your trade is even and make sure that the trade is of the same value. You also do not want to become the swindler by offering someone an item in a trade that is of less value than the item they want to trade to you. You also could be reported for this if someone knows you traded something of less value, which could get you banned.

Never Give Personal Information– When you are on Animal Jam, even if you have been talking to someone a long time, do not give out personal information. This could be a phone number, email, full name or other information that someone could use in real life to track you down. This is very dangerous and can lead to harassment or possibly a scary situation for you or your family if the person is a predator.

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